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    I phone apps

    To all hobbiest with wife or kids, found a great apps for my phone! It s an hidden browser!!! So, if you re like me, with someone who Take often a Look on you re phone the apps is a calculator, you enter your code and it is ŕ Google chrome browser! So don t have to delete your history anymore, and you can Stuff all favorite site like, merb! It is call Calculator +a safe web! So enjoy!!!

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    Pretty cool, what is the app name ?

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    I'd like an app which records phone conversations. Does it exist?

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    Doc, i don t know for that
    Mtlguy the name of the apps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    I'd like an app which records phone conversations. Does it exist?
    Hey Doc,
    yes, apparently such apps do exist. I did not check the iPhone app store, but on Google Play (Android's app store), if you search for "record phone calls" (or variations), several come up.
    I cannot vouch for any of them - some could be malware injectors (google each of them before installing).

    Of course, recording calls raises interesting legal questions. Questions that vary depending where you live...


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