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Thread: First day for C-36 !! Websites have changed !!! new categories to announce !!

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    Exclamation First day for C-36 !! Websites have changed !!! new categories to announce !!

    Bonjour a tous, en cette premiere journée de la loi C-36, nous devons modifier nos sites (Agences / Annonceurs) ... Nous devons retirer tout ce qui caractérise les services ... (gfe, bbbj, daty, etc...) ainsi que toute rétrébution ....

    Les sites annonceurs nous demandes également d'aller dans la section femme cherche homme ou aventure libertine ... ou il y aura dorénavant les annonces des demoiselles.... encore celle-ci n'auront aucunement le droit d'être directe dans leur annonces..

    Il est temps de s'ajuster... et de revenir en arrière comme cela était il y a 5 ans environs

    Bonne chance a tous..

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    Retour en arrière de 5 ans pour les annonces, mais sûrement plus pour ce qui est de la reconnaissance de la dignité des tds et de la valeur de leur travail. Le gouvernement fédéral a été tellement méprisant dans ce dossier là. C'est ça qui m'attriste personnellement.

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    C'est plutôt un retour en arrière de 15 ans, mais les revues sur les escortes, peuvent-ils être détaillés ou doit-on être subtil comme pour les revues sur les salon de massage?

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    C'est drôle mais moi j'en fais pas de cas... Suis-je anormale? Certaines annonces étaient devenues tellement explicites que ma motivation à y répondre était nulle. Peut-être verrons nous des annonces plus originales comme celle de Nadia mécanicienne à québec. Juste à lire ses annonces tu sais déjà que tu à affaire affaires avec une charmante demoiselle créative de classe et rien ne laisse transparaitre sur ses services que la limite de ton imagination quand tu la lis.

    Les détails devraient seulement se faire en privé.

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    Any escort adds in Journal de Montreal ??

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    No, completely out….here goes a tradition

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    Annonce 123 still the same. Business as usual for them...nothing changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbEn View Post
    Certaines annonces étaient devenues tellement explicites que ma motivation à y répondre était nulle.
    C'est vrai pour moi aussi, mais je trouve que c'était déjà une première étape de screening. Maintenant si toutes les annonces ont le même format asseptisé on aura moins d'indications sur celles qui correspondent le mieux à notre personnalité.
    “Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love.”

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    Annonce 123 is offshore, in Holland. Jaysxlist is in England. Maybe they have never heard about C-36.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblinman69 View Post
    Annonce 123 is offshore, in Holland. Jaysxlist is in England. Maybe they have never heard about C-36.
    Yes, maybe but for people who will still continue to post on it ... in the escort category, it will be a high risk

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    The question now is how the law will be enforced.

    Will the police will start investigating based on filed complains against webstites/newspaper that list sexual services? Or will they have their "sex crimes" unit doing their own investigations? I wonder if the SPVM or the RCMP will be willing to spend additional man and financial ressources to apply this new law, versus other threat that are more damaging on society like domestic violence.

    Even though there are laws in place here, and website and agency applies them to avoid being targeted, if it's not fully applied by the local or federal cops then there won't be much changes to the SP world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brodeur007 View Post
    The question now is how the law will be enforced.

    I think it is a fair bet that Harper's CONservative government will want a couple busts to trot around to their right-wing and religious allies before the elections.
    A couple busts would be a win-win for them: good for their base and no other political party will want to defend the sex facilitators and buyers.

    Look for a couple busts in a few months.

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    Been lurking for a while, and I felt the need to add my 10 cents. While this recent unfortunate change in legislation represents a step back for society, I see the potential for a step forward for the community. For years now I see those ads and these forum posts and I can't help but thing that our current "system" is inefficient. And unsurprisingly so. Posting advertisements in newspapers, and eventually online classified ads "just works". It is cheap and doesn't require much learning. Agency websites are also relatively simple (as is the security).

    For the hobbyist too, it was simple: when I first started I just found an ad on CL, googled the agency/phone number to try to find reviews, and ended up here. The same way I look up reviews for a TV that's on sale. But then as I went on I ran into frustrations. A lot of pictures are fake, bad service, bad customers, etc. I have learned to recognize and live with fake pictures in advertisements. But I keep asking myself "can it be done better"? And with the advent of the new law, I also ask myself "can it be done safer"?

    The technology is there, kind of. Transient messaging services like SnapChat, although full of holes, exist. As do encrypted messaging services. Apparently some SPs have started using or requiring the use of such services. It's not perfect, and there's always the possibility of moles and wiretaps, but it is arguably a step in the right direction. I think the barriers to wide adoption of proper security measures and an efficient hobby system are user friendliness and network effect. There is no real hobbyist system or platform in place, and the current classified ads + review boards formula is just a random mix of things. Going forward, I think the following features are desirable to provide safe(r) environment for both hobbyists and providers:

    • 1- A way to upload real pictures without compromising the SP's identity while
    • 1b- ensuring pictures uploaded are real
    • 2- A way to provide and view reviews on a provider's services while
    • 2b- prevent or reduce the power of reviewers to slander or harm a provider's reputation
    • 3- A secure method for providers and customers to enter in contact while
    • 3b- ensuring communications are transient
    • 4- A comprehensive way for providers or agencies to schedule appointments, logistics (for outcalls) and cancellations
    • 5- In light of (4), and assuming an account based system, a way for SPs to provide and view reviews on a customer while
    • 5b- prevent or reduce the power of SPs to slander or harm a customer's reputation
    • 6- Prevent or reduce the power of LE agents to introduce themselves into the system

    These functional requirements are not without challenges in their execution, namely:
    • The verification of the authenticity of a picture (ERSlist had some providers hold a paper with their username handwritten on it)
    • Securing user data (assuming an account based system)
    • Ensuring the erasure of communication data once their purpose has been filled
    • How to ensure a customer or provider is not a LE agent
    • Ensuring reviews, from both sides, are done in an honest way
    • And of course, adoption

    Now realistically, it is not feasible to completely evade LE, but perhaps the silver lining is that as some users said, LE agents may not have the time and manpower to conduct a massive hunt and enforcement of the new law might be soft. At the very least, it would be arguably safer than keeping things as they currently are. But who would migrate to such a system? Merb users probably account for only a vocal minority of the customer base, and the same could be said for providers and agencies. Would safety, honesty and privacy be enough incentives? Not if the network effect is not there. Both parties might just react along the lines of "oh so this is just another dating site or app spam" when told "switch to this new system". Before we get into those question, another fundamental problem exists: who is going to build such a system, and who is going to audit it? Considering the variety of hobbyists, undoubtedly there are several more programmers among us. But will they find any merit in doing this? Surely this is not something we can write on our resume, and for most programmers the lack of recognition may not justify the effort involved, especially since programmers are lazy (speaking as one), and us hobbyist have the tendency to think with our lower bodies.

    So why did I write all of this? Well it was on my mind for a long time, and I definitely do not have the energy and knowledge to accomplish this alone. The likelihood of this post being ignored and burried under numerous other ones is very high. But if I didn't share my thoughts, nothing would begin. And more than anything, I guess trying to find loopholes and to want to make things more efficient is like a disease for me, when the upper brain does actually work.

    I apoligize if this post seems too long and disorganized, I have a lot of trouble organizing and writing out my thoughts coherently.

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    Maybe would be a good way to be sure its the good girl... but sitll it will be a lack of security and privacy for these girls most of them are doing it for good reasons such as paying school, or put food on table for their children or some other reasons... but asking them to put their face and ask them to hold piece of paper that its the right girl.... no way .... its like to ask them to be on social network asking them to claim they are working as Sp...

    If so... they would loose piratically everything....

    Thats my opinion

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    Sorry for the lack of clarity, I didn't mean showing their face, as that would beat the purpose of safety and privacy. The way ERSlist does things right now is that they hide their face, but simply have a piece of paper with something like their username or "ERSlist" handwritten on the paper, so it is not possible to identify them. However, that reduces the likelihood that the picture was just taken from some random porn site and photoshopped, for example. Of course it is still easy to photoshop a piece of paper into an existing picture, but there are ways to detect that by applying some machine learning principles. For example, some agencies would grab a bunch of random pictures on the internet of different girls, photoshop them to make them similar, then pass them off as a single person. A computer would be less likely to fall for that than a horny man's eyes. There is no 100% guarantee that it is the good girl that customers are meeting, but it should increase their trust in the authenticity of the picture.

    Edit: some SPs have tattoos or birthmarks. In theory, it would also be possible to censor those out while still allowing the system to detect that as an authentic picture. For instance, if a provider posted two or more pictures (no face), with tattoos blacked out, and the piece of paper in the picture, it should be possible to recognize those pictures as being real and belonging to the same provider, thus authenticating the provider without harming privacy.
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