Thinking about the first day of Montreal illegality reminds me of the funniest story I ever heard on the TER boards in the States. Once a well-known provider visiting a big city posted that she was suddenly changing her incall location to a different hotel in a different part of town. She was a big time screener, almost to the point of being paranoid, so everyone wanted an explanation since she was very unlikely to have been caught in a sting.

She had gotten a call from a new customer with screening information. She remembered that he mentioned something about a disability but she said she was fine with anything and did not want to make things awkward by asking too many questions. He called from the lobby at the appointed time, she gave him her room number, and she did her usual thing of looking through the keyhole so that she could open the door without him knocking (this is standard in the U.S. since lots of guys knocking on the same door gets noticed by occupants in nearby rooms).

But she does not see the guy through the peephole in a reasonable amount of time. So she opens the door and peeks out. She just has a "teddy" on, so she has to be careful. To her shock, she sees a blind guy with a seeing eye dog, who is feeling one of the doors down the hall to find the Braille markings identifying the room number. She is just about to say "Psst, are you _____" when two Hispanic maids come up to the guy and his dog to help. He tells them the room number and the whole entourage heads to her room. She knows the maids are not going to just let him walk into a seemingly empty room, so she just goes ahead and opens the door the rest of the way. The maids crackle with happiness when they realize the blind guy is going to have an hour of fun.

She completed the hour, did not reveal if the seeing eye dog wagged his tail each time his owner came, and did not let on how pissed she was that the blind guy did not just have her go down to the lobby in street clothes to help him to the room. But she knew the story would circulate among the hotel maids and then to hotel management in a heartbeat, so she just packed up and checked out of the hotel.