Hello Gentlemen

It took me sooo long to finish to decide myself to have a website.
I was thinking to make it all by myself, but at the final, one exchange with my dearest friendly
companion lady penpal convinced me to plunge and indulge in something profesionnaly done.

With the new laws, I just decided to make what I should have done, years ago, a website!
but all those years without it, and all the experiences I got while trying
few different avenues, re-enforce my knowledges and I am definively now going
thru a process to concentrate myself on exactly what I will like to do the most.

Being one famously positively reviewed on Merb since 2007 (over an hundred of positive & nice reviews) before
they were all erased by an ex-mod, helped me in the past to confirm how nice I was to meet & spend time with,
and that was fair enough for me.

Now, I am building some tools who will be showing, I hope, a better sight than a simple ad, to present myself,
and to determine without any hesitation, what kind of lady you will meet when eventually, we will be meeting together.

It should take at most 10 days from now. I hope it won't be that long, I worked hard on it, can't wait to present it.
Hope you will like it, and yes, there will be brand new pictures on it.
I tried to put the KISS theory in pratice, for those who knows what it means......

Oh, by the way, we could meet this week mostly easily during daytime, and I have a couple of evening possibilities too.
Contact me at passiamore@gmail.com to make this happen.

Aux plaisirs

Maria Divina xox