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Thread: login problems !!!???

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    login problems !!!???

    I'm i the only one to have login problems ?

    Shit !!!!!!!! took me 12 times to login correctly (and yes, i had the good username and password)

    Mods could you please check this out cause it's a real pain in the ass.

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    probably just updating the servers.... it said that late last night when I tried to sign on and to check back at 8am but i was up at 6am and all was fine.

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    i still have problems and it looks like i'm the only one ... i hope this is not a code 18 (18 inches behind the screen)

    ok so, i log in - no problem. i get redirected automatically BUT, at the top right of my screen, it still shows empty boxes just like when you are not logged in.

    So i can't acces the reviews because they don't appear if you are not logged in.

    I click on ''What's new'', shazam, my username appears now at the top right. so i click on forum ... my username is gone ... this is a fuckin catch 22.

    Are you facing the same ''challenge'' ??

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