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Thread: *** Madelyn Fabray: Simply The Best... Hosting March 26th - 27th ***

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    Post *** Madelyn Fabray: Simply The Best... Hosting March 26th - 27th ***


    We live in a world where we crave more time to pass beyond the limits of our emotions and transcend understanding. Why hesitate to indulge, when being summoned with an outstretched finger, clearly intoxicated by the vision before you? Satisfy your intuition, by engaging yourself with the companionship of a beautiful, sultry yet unique independent companion.

    Care to get acquainted? Je suis Madelyn Fabray. Based in Montreal, I am without a doubt, a highly respected first-class private escort. Given my limited schedule, I am available, on an exclusive basis, for both local and travel engagements for distinguished admirers. If we’ve yet to be acquainted, let me relieve you of any potential preconceptions you may have. I can be an intense partner; a woman possessing an endearing charm and a level of sensuality that you have yet to behold.

    Many have described me as a passionate, liberated, educated woman and a lover of the finer attributes of life. I love to smile, laugh and spend quality time with like-minded, refined gentlemen, women and couples. I consider you a special class of individuals who seek something more exceptional in their lives, who enjoy the mutual challenge and stimulation from both an intellectual and transcendent experience.

    During our time together, allow your senses to experience unwavering levels of passion and bliss. Feel the essence that only the genuine warmth of a memorable companion can provide. Experience the elation of spending quality time with a debutante, whose primary objective is to exceed your utmost breathless expectations.

    Surprisingly intrigued? Don't delay... I look forward to meeting and allowing you to sample more than just a taste of the true embodiment of euphoria I've presented for you.

    Your place

    Allow me the privilege to meet with you at your upscale hotel or residence in Montreal and surroundings areas.

    I am available weekly:
    Monday to Thursday: 7pm - 10pm & Friday to Sunday: 11am - 10pm

    For our mutual comfort, please also respect that planning in advance our escape is a requisite for Montreal and all touring cities with a preferably 48h minimum notice. This allows us enough time to plan our time together accordingly and avoid last minute disappointment.

    In addition, I kindly invite you to peruse the content of my website prior to your request for my updated availability (Connect & Touring Calendar page) and to ensure we have a mutual understanding of our date. For inquiring minds, all testimonials (you can trust...) and activities I enjoy in private may be reviewed on my website.

    Lastly, feel free to email me at or to fill out the secured booking form located on my website at with all the requested details. I do appreciate your interest but please respect that in the interest of time, I can only reply to emails that contain the aforementioned information. Needless to say, emails with insufficient details, crass, rude and explicit content shall not be answered as this is a sign of disrespect. Therefore, please take a moment to introduce yourself and the favour will be so kindly return.

    Merci et au plaisir d'explorer des possibilités illimitées avec toi... !

    ** Enjoy a recent review from one of your fellow merbites here

    *** Désolée, Je n'accepte pas les messages privés (pm) pour l'instant, Merci.

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    Bonjour Messieurs!

    I will be hosting March 26th to 27th. FYI, pre-scheduling is strongly suggested as my time is limited and spoken for quickly.

    In the mean time, time is of the essence and I would hate to miss your company. Please help me plan our escape together by subscribing to Madelyn's Newsletter Communiqué - An Invitation to Escape...!

    FYI, I travel (host) contingent on the level of interest I receive. So, please feel free to show your interest by joining my mailing list here or by visiting the "Newsletter" section of my website.

    Merci et au plaisir de faire ta connaissance !

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    Bonjour Messieurs,

    Voici quelques précisions afin de vous facilitez un peu la vie...

    Chez moi
    Pour ceux qui préfère me visiter chez moi, je prévois recevoir dans un endroit central et discret au centre-ville de Montréal. Un préavis minimum de 48 hrs est requis pour les nouvelles rencontres afin de confirmer le rendez-vous. Je vous recommande de réserver la date et l'heure préférées aussitôt que possible.

    Voici mes disponibilités pour ce mois-ci:

    Jeu, 26 mars: 15h - 23h
    Ven, 27 mars: 9h - 23h
    Sam, 28 mars: 9h - 15h

    Merci et au plaisir d'explorer des possibilités illimitées avec toi... lol

    ** Malheureusement, je n'accepte plus de message privé (pm) pour le moment, merci! **

    My place
    If you would like to meet with me at my location, I will be hosting in a central and discreet downtown location in Montreal. A 48hrs minimum notice is required for newcomers to confirm the engagement. I highly recommend to secure your preferred date and time when possible.

    Here are my availabilities for this month:

    Thu, Mar 26th: 3pm - 11pm
    Ven, Mar 27th: 9am - 11pm
    Sat, Mar 28th: 9am - 3pm

    Thank you and I look forward to exploring limitless possibilities with you... lol

    ** Unfortunately, I can no longer accept private messages (pm). Thank you! **

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