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Thread: Buyer’s Beware : Warning Of Potential Bait & Switch Providers

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    Buyer’s Beware : Warning Of Potential Bait & Switch Providers

    Who has not been a victim of “Bait & Switch” (B&S) providers? Lured by appealing descriptions or by hot pics on a website, it’s always very frustrating to find out that these descriptions or photos are just fakes and that you’ve just been screwed.

    As a rule, when someone looks to good to be true, comes flashing out as a hot model directly from a fashion magazine, and has no credible reviews other than probable shills, it’s most certainly B&S. I’ve been astonished to find that there is a LOT of info on MERB about a surprizingly high number of potential B&S providers. However, not many members, newbies in particular, seem to take time to do a good research. For that reason, not many days go by without someone “discovering” the same B&S providers. Others take the bait and post their deception afterward, only to discover that it was already discussed in other threads before.

    I’ve done a little research and came up with a very large number of threads on the subject. You’ll find in my following post a list of links to relevant MERB threads exposing either obvious or potential B&S cases, grouped by agency or “directory” links. Many of those subject websites are cross-referenced, just reinforcing in my opinion the suspicion of B&S.

    Take a good look and judge by yourself the evidences. I’m providing this without prejudice to anyone and I hope this compendium of links can be useful. I’ve excluded some of the most controversial threads, specially those shifting away from the subject. If there are errors or omissions in the list, feel free to correct or update the information and add other links based on your own researches and experiences.

    Lion Heart
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    Buyer’s Beware : Warning Of Potential Bait & Switch Providers (2/2)

    List of agency or directory websites (in bold) with links to Merb threads outlining potential bait & switch providers

    A Beautiful Adventure
    -> A Beautiful
    -> Have you tried these...
    -> Anyone Use This Agency?

    Ace of Diamond
    -> Ace of diamonds
    -> Montreal Trip Reviews

    Adorable Escorts
    -> Adorable

    All-Star Entertainment
    -> Jodie of allstar-entertainment

    Calendar Girls Escorts
    -> Calendar girls Escorts

    Classic Montreal
    -> Classic montreal
    -> Classic montreal
    -> Any reviews of girls from ClassicMontreal

    Elegance Kama Sutra
    -> Montreal Elite Companions or Exclusive Canadian Divas?
    -> Elegance Kama Sutra bait&Switch

    Escort Service Montreal

    -> Is 4fun a new agency???

    GFE Ladies
    -> No specific MERB thread but site is cross-referenced with A Beautiful Adventure

    Glamour Girls
    -> Glamour Girl - Bait & Switch

    Hot Montréal Escorts
    -> Melissa from hot montreal
    -> Melissa from Hot Montreal Escorts

    International escorts
    -> No specific MERB thread but site is cross-referenced with A Beautiful Adventure

    Montreal Asian Escorts
    -> Montreal Asian Escorts Review

    Montreal Business Escorts
    -> Anybody seen or booked Montreal Business Escorts ?

    Montreal Elegance
    -> - bait & switch
    -> agency
    -> Please Help Me

    Montreal Escorts Directory
    This is a special case. Instead of refering you to the numerous MERB threads in relation with various ads this well-known and popular photo directory site, the following generalizations can be made in light of the site’s advertiser certification process:
    1- Ads with the “Certified Authentic Photos” labels should normally be trusted. Most, if not all, of the ads listed in the “Featured Montreal Independent Escorts” and the “Featured Montreal Agency Escorts” top sections are certified. Many of these advertisers are indeed known indies and known agency SPs who are well reviewed on this board.
    2- Ads in the “Montreal Independent Escort Ladies” and the “Montreal Agency Escort Ladies” bottom sections are a different story. Most, if not all, of these ads have NO certification label. Many of these ads were the subject of posts by members who have found that the photos were “borrowed” from elsewhere or who testify of their experiences as victims of B&S from these providers. Many of these ads use the same pics found in directories or agencies already previously listed as obvious or potential B&S.

    Montreal Escorts
    -> No specific MERB threads but site is cross-referenced with A Beautiful Adventure

    Montreal Elite Woman
    -> mtl elite women

    Montreal Fantasy Escorts
    -> Rip Off at Montreal Fantasy Escort
    -> real pics or not

    Montreal Ladies
    -> Montrealladies...and KARINE
    -> Anyone tried
    -> Review: Kim of Montreal Ladies

    Montreal Oriental Escorts
    -> Montreal Oriental Escorts

    Montreal Secrets
    -> Montreal Secrets?

    Montreal Sweet Ladies
    -> Girls from Sweet Ladies

    Montreal Top Independant Escorts Directory
    -> Shame on
    -> Montreal Top independant escort directory
    -> Avoid Montreal’s Top Independent Escorts directory
    -> Montreal female escorts

    Renaissance Ladies
    -> Renaissance

    Royal Entertainment
    -> Diana from Royal
    -> Royal Exclusive
    -> Amber @ Royal Entertainment, Independent Natasha, Rebecca, Mandy?
    -> Heidi of Royal
    -> amanda royal entertainment info pls

    Star Blonds
    -> Picture Piracy
    -> Star Blonds Entertainment

    Sweet Montreal
    -> Sweet Montreal for a Tourist: Helga and Amber
    -> Chanel of
    -> - Anyone try them?

    VIP Montreal Escorts
    -> VIP Montreal Escorts

    Wow Montreal Escorts
    -> Wow Agency

    Zodiac Entertainment
    -> Zodiac entertain. ????
    -> Zodiac Escorts
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    Yes, bravo LH for this superb contribution.

    To extend LH's coverage of the same topic, one might add to the list the agencies featured in the most recent edition of the Montreal Yellow Pages (not the Telus version, the original). I just received the 2006 edition yesterday and, browsing through the escort section, I was amazed to see the numbers of agencies taking out full-page ads, at a cost of several thousand dollars apiece... Several of these agencies have links to sites I had never previously visited, most of them with stunning model girls, some with full-face pics! On the other hand, I did not notice ads by many of the agencies that receive the most coverage here.

    I realize MERB covers only a fraction of the Montreal escort scene, which begs the question:
    - Is it because the Yellow Pages agencies are mostly b&s operations targeting tourists and the unwitting clientèle?
    - Or is it because of shilling here that generates a lot of exposure for a limited number of agencies? I'm not accusing anyone in particular, I'm just struck by the dichotomy between the Yellow Pages crowd and the Merb crew.

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    Thumbs down Excellent Job!!!

    Lion Heart deserves to be congratulated on this excellent public service to merb and the hobbyists community. Mod2 does the right thing to turn it into a sticky. A systematization effort like this has been long overdue. I am glad Lion Heart is leading the way. All hobbyists should chip in to update this thread, to preserve its accuracy as much as possible.

    Perhaps the next sticky thread is a systematization on reputable, enjoyable agencies and independents. It will be very useful to experienced hobbyists and newbies alike. Someone with loads of energy and vitality can spearhead the effort.

    An observation here: I have noticed independent escorts who have websites are usually quite reliable. Whereas the indies who advertise in some commercial websites, newspapers, journals, and what have you while without being certified as authentic are usually question marks. I am generalizing here and of course there are always exceptions, with the most obvious one being our beloved Samy. (As I commented in a different thread, please give Samy time and space to refresh and revitalize herself, as she has her priorities.) Ronnie the Naughty One now has a website but her reputation here is well known even before then. Unfortunately, unreliable and lousy indies are too many to mention here. That is why there is a need for these twin threads, for our own good. I am glad at least one is born.
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    Montreal Female Escorts, aka Top Independant Escort Directory, is one of the B&S sites identified by LH above. At the bottom of their home page is a list of advertising banners that link to other planets of the Evil Empire. Worth taking a look at:

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    Domain names owners or agency owners?

    A quick domain names search gave me three distinct owners, in case some of you ask again, if one agency is affiliated with another:

    Owner 1:

    Owner 2:

    Owner 3:
    Make her laugh, make her smile, and do make her moan

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    Good job Bruce!

    I was surprised to see on your list only to realize I had mistakenly read, which is a legitimate advertisiting site, much like

    Take note however that even, just like and MERB, are infested by Evil Empire advertising, which can be confusing.

    So to clarify: : part of the Evil Empire legit, although partly colonized by Empire advertising legit, although partly colonized by Empire advertising resolves to, apparently legit

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    Back when I was keeping track for the spreadsheet, Montrealladies was connected to A Beautiful Adventure and they even shared the same phone number at one point. So unless these agencies are being traded, Owner 1 is aka Owner 2.

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    escort 69

    Just found this site from the webs indys

    It`s not part of the bait and switch providers list

    anyone tried it before?

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    The MERB webs is advertising without photo certification. In it, you`ll find genuine providers such as Maylee but also websites such as identified by many threads as B&S.

    I didn`t found anything on escort69 during my searches, good or bad, but remember the rule : when it looks to good to be true and appears flashing out of nowhere, B&S is highly probable. It`s very easy to setup a website with half a dozen of beautiful pics borrowed to pretend you`re in business with high quality SPs to attrack lurkers. It`s more more difficult, if not impossible, to assemble a great team of SPs who would look as hot.

    In other words, it`s highly suspicious until proven otherwise.

    Lion Heart

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    Gloria is a bait & switch

    Well, I fell for it! Was is a hotel last Friday; first I called Devisish to ask about the new girl Sofia. The answer was: “heh…well…heh…don’t know her…” You are advertising her on Merb I said….”Well…heh…Don’t know….” That was enough of Devilish. Then, I called Eleganza to ask for Nadya. “She is not working…" he said, although the schedule says she is… That was for Eleganza. Then, the real mistake: I called for Gloria advertised as an independent on The pictures are real? I asked…The answer: “Ya Ya Ya, of course they are real...” Well, 45 minutes past, and the girl that comes in the door is nothing like the picture…She’s African-American, while the girl on the website is white It’s a bait and switch. Of course, I am new at this game so, I should have said: “you are not the girl advertised on the website; please go”. But I did not. I could’ve printed the picture of the girl on the website for proof….My mistake…!!! Please do not do the same…

    Gloria advertized on, at (514) 762-6888 is a BAIT & SWITCH

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    Classxxx/Extacy - bait and switch and bullshit

    Classxxx and Extacy are in a class of their own. Not only do they bait and switch, they throw in tons of bullshit as well.

    Relatively speaking, I have more respect for the traditional bait-and-switch agencies such as those listed in this thread than Classxxx/Extacy. When they get exposed (yet again), at least they are "honest" enough to stay quiet and keep their mouths shut.

    Classxx/Extacy do a lot of posts to give the unsuspecting the impression that they are legit and popular agencies, and that could not be any further from the truth. Their statements/answers are misleading, they do not deliever, they bait and switch, and they are aggressive and will attack when confronted with their misdeeds.

    The last straw for me is when Extacy advertised Tiffany at $180 (back to $200 in no time) for GFE services. Guess what I was told when I called? Tiffany was not available, but the top-end girls in their affiiliated agency Classxxx were available at $300! No thanks.
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    Bodylicious bait and switch

    For your information I called Jay at Bodylicious for a bachelor party lesbian show. He promised me 5 times that Alexia would be there, sure enough he sent another girl. Needless to say we we're very dissapointed. Not only was the show lousy, but they didn't bring any toys as promised. The girls were Andrea and Carla. Andrea was more into it, Carla got drunk and lost interest. If your looking for hot girls, i wouldn't recommend these 2. If you're looking for major kinky gang bang Andrea is game. I would have refused the girls at the door but what was the alternative? Wait 1 to 2hrs for other girls? Shit happens, we still had fun, but could have been better.

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    How about KissMeEscorts?

    Does anyone know anything about KissMeEscorts. The style is so similar to the other Bait & Switch sites listed in this thread. The ladies are all gorgeous and voluptuous, the prices are the same -- no specifics, a range or $200-$400. Phones are 514-794-2663 and 514-754-6532 and URL

    The pictures make me want to call, but the style makes me very hesitant and untrusting.

    Is there a way to check their IP address and compare?

    Thanks for any help.

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    kristal Independent Escort

    Well, hello to everyone. This is my first post to MERB and about my first visit to Montreal.

    I booked Kristal about two weeks ago. She is one of the independent escorts who could be found at Since she provides an email option ([email protected]), I used that to communicate with her. I wrote about six emails before meeting her in montreal. I started all my email as Dear Kristal, and someone else on the other hand replied to those mails pretending to be Kristal. When I finally met her, she was completely unaware of my emails. I felt that was a breach of basic decncy. Since while writing those email, I felt somewhat connected to her. I really liked the way the pictures looked. I booked multiple hours with her and asked her to have dinner with me in the email to which she agreed. But when she came in she had no idea of the dinner; even worse she asked me to have dinner by myself.

    The pictures did not resembled the real person either (http// She claimed that she had dyed her hair, but still! She though I was cute and undressed herself within two minutes of arrival. When I looked at her body, it was so obvious that she could not be the lady in the picutures. I asked her to leave and wanted my money back of which I got a partial return. She acted rudly at the end.

    This is someone who is using false representations. So be aware! Before my booking I searcher MERB with her name but could not find any match. There were some posts with the spelling Krystal from other agencies though.

    Later that night I was glad to meet someone real nice from another agency, whcih made my trip worthwhile.

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