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Thread: What is your incall routine?

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    Question What is your incall routine?

    Mine is pretty simple:

    Kisses/hugs at the door.
    A little chit-chat.
    Consideration in an envelope on the table (or handed over if there's nowhere to set it).
    Shower. Leave clothes in the bathroom.
    Walk out and join the SP.

    Anyone have anything different?

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    i do evrything same as above exept that i dont leav clothes in washroom. i take it out with me and allways have it in site.

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    It depends. If you're booking a duo it better be from of the trusted agencies or at least someone who advertises here I would say, IN ADDITION to using your judgement.

    I had a duo once and got robbed the 2nd time I called one of the girls out because the lady insisted on bringing her friend and while I was in the shower with the hot one the uglier one took not only the money I offered but also additional money I had in my coat pocket.

    Besides that yeah it's more or less the same routine. Kiss kiss, light chatter, touch each other and take off your clothes? The one recently I just jumped on the bed with my clothes on and she was like "you won't be needing those." Oh yeah.

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    I clean up and take a shower before she come over.
    Usually a bit of chit chat..offer a drink

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