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Thread: Amelie ~ Your sweet and friendly Indy companion ~ Free this Saturday!

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    Red face Amelie ~ Your sweet and friendly Indy companion ~ Free this Saturday!

    Hello everyone

    I want to take a moment to thank you all so much for nominating me as a finalist for SP of the year 2014

    I am Amelie, 26 years old, 5'6, 115 lbs, I am a tall spinner with nice curves where it counts at 34A-26-36.
    I do not believe in playing a role, I am me, and I am here to meet the real you and share a real experience together
    I am slightly geeky, usually smiling, and conversation comes easy to me, I've been told am I great at breaking the ice and making people feel comfortable.

    For this reason, please do not hesitate to write me and share anything about you or any inquiry or preference you may have about me.

    This year I plan to do a lot more touring, and also start doing more cosplay, maybe even travel to comicons, hope to see a few of you there

    my email

    Please feature the donation prominently in the room so we do not need to discuss it during our meeting

    for MERB members ONLY (please share you handle upon booking)
    1 hour .......................... 230 cookies
    2 hours .......................... 420 candies
    3 hours .......................... 600 tulips
    4 hours .......................... 760 kittens! (that's a lot of kittens!)

    My availability:
    Please note that I never see more than 2 gentleman in a day, so when my schedule says fully booked it never means more than 2 dates.
    Also for this reason, I ask that you prebook appointments as much in advance as possible and always let me know about potential cancelations with enough time.
    Thank you

    January dates:

    Thursday January 29th
    Fully Booked

    Saturday January 31st
    4pm to 10pm

    You will find much more information about me and many NEW sexy photos on my website, that I made myself :
    (french translation has been midway for a while I know, but I am indeed fully bilingual, and I will soon complete it )


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    Also if You happen to be looking for the company of 2 ladies, me and Lorence Vennes are offering a 400$ an hour special for the remainder of the month... we like one another THAT much
    Here are some pics and info

    big big hugs!
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    Available This Saturday
    I will post my February dates shortly

    big big hugs!

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