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Thread: Happy New Year Everyone

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    Happy New Year Everyone

    Well, another year has come and gone and with it a new year is about to begin. 2014 in all things "hobbyland" was pretty darn good as far as I am concerned. Met some amazing ladies who provided crazy memories to last a lifetime. Had the pleasure of meeting some nice new hobby friends and of course hang out with old friends alike. Went to some awesome industry parties both public and private and experienced some crazy stuff at and because of them.

    What I myself most take away from the 2014 Montreal hobby scene tho are all the good friendships, both new and old from both ladies and gents. When you hang out with good people, good times are sure to follow and that they did, over and over all year long.

    Here's to everyone for good health, happiness, prosperity and sexy fun times in 2015!


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    Happy New Year to ALL of and money...and of course SEX lolllll
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    Happy New Year to Iggy and to all the Merbites out there. May the new year be prosperous and may you find yourself in good health and in Montreal many times in the new year. May every session be GFE, safe, and mutually beneficial for both the SP as well as the hobbyist.

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    Happy new year everyone!

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    HAPPY new year 2015 have a good or a better one.

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    Happy New Year everyone!!!

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    Look behind you.
    The best of everything to all. Enjoy.

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    Happy New Year everyone!
    Health and Happiness for 2015!

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    Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year!!!

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    Bonne année!

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    All the best to everyone !

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    Happy New Year! 2014 was amazing...I met so many great people: clients, close friends, my wonderful duo partner. It's going to be a tough year to beat, but I'm excited about what 2015 has in store!

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    Happy Holidays to everyone! Much success and Hobbying to the Members, and much good clients to the Ladies!

    CA OUT!
    Every woman is Crazin for the Asian Persuasion!!!
    Part time reviewer, full time reveler!
    Lover of Women, Cunning Linguist, Coitus Poster, and Master at Baiting!

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    Lily from Montreal
    Happy new year to all my virtual friends! All the best in 2015 and I look forward to play with my favorite toy: Merb!xxx

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