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Thread: Street Walkers?

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    Street Walkers?

    Hi All,

    Happy New Year.

    I am recently single again and doing research on street walkers.

    I have been a member of MERB for years, total lurker, but been away, and now I am back researching 'escorts' and so I am looking for a section on street walkers.

    I recall when I was actively on this board years ago there was a section for streetwalkers. Specifically, I am from Boston, and I recall there was a very active section *just for Boston* and other US states, as well as Canada locals, of course, all about street walkers, but I don't see that any more.

    Have those sections of the board been deleted? Has MERB consolidated or otherwise dropped this part of the board?

    ***Anyone who can point me to regional, city-by-city research & postings on street walkers would be HUGELY appreciated.***

    Thank you kindly,

    Mr Wrong

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    Are you sure about street walkers? I would never go looking for street walkers, no matter which city I'm in. Even with the new laws in Canada and local city laws, you would be better off and safer calling an escort. You do what you want, but that is too risky for me.

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    I totally agree with Mr.Sweetwater. The good old times when you could find beautiful street walkers are gone.They moved all on the Internet.I can speak from my own experience here in Montreal.I remember about ten years ago, there used to be plenty of beautiful SW on St-Catherine east of St-Laurent, now they are all gone.Besides that the risk to get caught by LE is too high.That why I've decided to "hunt" only on the Internet.It's much safer and the girls are relatively cleaner IMHO!

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