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Thread: CWHL Montreal Stars

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    CWHL Montreal Stars

    I went to see the Montreal Stars game today and it was quite an exciting match! So happy to see our girls win. The rules are the same as minor hockey, but they do still rough each other up a bit. Have any of you ever gone?

    xoxo Kitty

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    Hello Kitty, (you not the character lol)

    Never been to a Stars game but not opposed to doing so. The Stars have two players I have enjoyed watching in the Olympics over the years, Caroline Ouellette and Julie Chu. Nice to see this league is still going, I had heard about it a few seasons ago but never had the chance to take in a game, yet. How was the crowd and level of play?
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    Hey Igna,

    The arena they play in is small, with seats only on one side. The first few rows were fairly full, mostly with families. Many kids! Level of play is more comparable to minors than to NHL, but I still enjoyed myself quite a bit and will definitely be returning. Ouellette did very well on Saturday, with a goal and an assist!


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