View Poll Results: Which agency was the Best one in 2014?

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  • Asservissante

    2 1.64%
  • GoodGirl/Girls4U

    42 34.43%

    6 4.92%
  • Mojo Escorts

    9 7.38%
  • Montreal Sex City

    14 11.48%
  • Montreal Top Girls

    2 1.64%
  • MontrealXXXtase

    11 9.02%
  • Nadya's VIPs

    19 15.57%
  • WildTime

    11 9.02%
  • Write-in (Angel Escorts, MAE88, Satin Dreamz, Vogue)

    6 4.92%
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Thread: The OFFICIAL MERB BEST AGENCY of the YEAR 2014 Poll

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    Now that nominations have come to a close, the Official Poll will be underway. The poll will be open until 12:47 a.m., Saturday January 31, 2015. The results will be posted on Sunday February 1st, by the end of the day, at the latest.



    As announced in the Nomination thread, we will again be using a 3-point system, similar to last year.

    a) You can vote for one agency listed on the poll or write in the agency you are voting for. Because there were only 10 spaces and four agencies received 4 legit nominations creating a 4-way tie at the bottom, Angel Escorts, MAE88, Satin Dreamz, Vogue can also be written in for a 1st place vote for a total of 13 eligible agencies for 1st place votes. But if you want one of: Angel Escorts, MAE88, Satin Dreamz, Vogue to be your 1st place, you must NOT vote for another 1st place agency if you chose to do so you can still write in a 2nd and 3rd. The 9 agencies listed and the four that need to be written-in (Angel Escorts, MAE88, Satin Dreamz, Vogue) are the only agencies that can get 1st place points. Each 1st place vote receives 3 points.

    b) You can post two more choices for 2nd (2 points), and 3rd (1 point). You must be clear about where you rank your choices or points will be automatically awarded based on the order given.

    c) You can write in honorable mentions, but these will not receive points.

    d) Take into consideration when voting: websites, contactability, honesty and friendliness of bookers, accurate descriptions/advertised services/pictures, punctual arrivals/honoured prebooking appointments, general customer service pre & post appointments, overall satisfaction with girls etc.

    Eligible members:

    1. Only members who have registered on MERB by December 15th, 2014, or any date before, are eligible to vote in the poll.

    2. A member must have posted at least one review sometime in their posting history.

    3. Make sure that you used this agency in the year 2014.

    4. No owner or anyone who worked at an agency or acted as a de-facto agent of an agency can vote.

    5. When the poll ends all votes will be verified. Ineligible names will be eliminated.

    6. Since the feedback posted in the Official MERB Best Agency of the Year 2013 thread was positive, the 3-point voting system will once again be used: 3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place. The poll itself will only record your vote for 1st place; you will be responsible to post your votes for 2nd place and 3rd place.

    7. A 10th option in the Poll will be included for the following agencies to be written in, since they all tied in 10th with 1 vote in the Nomination thread: Angel Escorts, MAE88, Satin Dreamz, Vogue. The member who selects this option will be responsible of posting in the thread which of these four agencies (and only these four agencies) they are voting for in 1st place.

    8. No duplicate votes for the same agency by the same member are allowed. If there is a duplicate, the duplicate is void and any other agencies named in the top 3 are moved up in rank. There can't be a 3rd (for instance) without a 2nd. Still, an honorable mention remains honorable mention unless the member posts a change to fill a voided top 3 rank.


    a) It will be appreciated if the members help in identifying ineligible voters discretely by PM during or after the nomination/voting process.

    b) A reminder that, aside from the agencies listed under Rule 7 (Angel Escorts, MAE88, Satin Dreamz, Vogue), write-in votes can be placed no higher than 2nd place since only those agencies who made the cut through nominations can get 1st place votes. All other votes fall down in order of placement.

    c) All votes are being verified as the poll proceeds. An update will be posted weekly until the end of the poll, every Sunday. Disqualified names will be erased in the final official poll count.

    d) All help with verification, vote counts, suggestions, positive ideas are appreciated.

    Good luck!

    **This is a public poll. The poll will close on January 31st, at 12:47 a.m.

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    lil johnny wants to pay..
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    Feb 2009
    2nd) Montreal Sex City

    Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.


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    Nov 2008
    Visiting Planet Earth
    2nd MTLGFE

    3rd G4U

    Honorable Mention: Montreal Xxxtase



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    GG # 2
    Nadya's # 3

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    Registered User
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    Aug 2011
    #2 gg
    #3 mtlgfe

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    #1 Girls4U
    #2 Montreal GFE
    #3 Wild Times

    Honorable Mention - Xxxtase - Martin was always great to deal with. Now that he is back I will consider this agency again.

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    2nd MTLGFE
    3rd MOJO

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    xxxtase is always number one in my B S always honest and great service.I tried some other agencies but always go back to xxxtase.

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    The decimator
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    Jan 2011
    2nd) Girls on fire
    3th) MTLGFE
    Time,Dr Freeman? Is it really that time again?

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    Wildtime pour l'informations précise qu'ils mettent sur leurs sites à propos des services offert par leurs SP.

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    2nd - Wild Times
    3rd - Asservissante
    Mike 279

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    Nadya's - best selection of girls , best incall location , most liberal services.

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    Jan 2013
    Etats Unis
    Considering the year as a whole, it should be G4U by a landslide. For the first half of the year, they were running up the score with GFE of the year (Kate), porn stars and many hot new recruits. But they seem to have lost a little momentum recently, with several girls leaving over the past few months (although many new recruits too). Kudos to them for not pulling the trick of splitting into 2 agencies. And especially for English speakers, James4U is the best booker bar none.

    2. XXXTase - seems like they had a lot of ups and downs this year, but I guess after the split-off of Vogue, Martin is running the show again and things are on the upswing.

    3. Mojo - Huge momentum coming into 2015. I don't really understand how a new agency can emerge like Venus from the sea with such a stacked roster, but good on them!

    HM: I've been reading the great reviews of Nadya's girls but I'm not really an incall guy so have not given them a try. Maybe for 2015 they will offer Outcall!

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    1) MTLGFE based on their girls, timeliness, reliability and prebooking (bring it back!)

    2) xxxtase: Steve was awesome. Good roster of girls recently and pleasant bookers. Wasn't super active the first half of the year but made huge strides in the second half.

    3) vogue: Franky is a solid booker. Limited number of girls, but quality selection. Looking forward to seeing them grow.

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    Apr 2012
    Gotta love Montreal
    2) mojo
    3) xxxtase

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