View Poll Results: Who was the Best SP in 2014?

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  • Amelie Courtesan (Indy)

    19 22.35%
  • Chloe @ Girls4U

    21 24.71%
  • Christina @ Nadya's VIPs (ex-Girls4U)

    6 7.06%
  • Isabella Desrosiers (Indy, ex-Girls4U)

    6 7.06%
  • Katie @ Nadya's VIPs

    13 15.29%
  • Maria Star (Indy)

    4 4.71%
  • Marilyn Minx @ MTLGFE/WildTime

    4 4.71%
  • Write-in (Jezabelle Legend; Julia @ Girls4U; Polly @ Mojo; Tiffany @ Vogue, ex-MontrealXXXtase)

    12 14.12%
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Thread: The OFFICIAL MERB BEST SP of the YEAR 2014 Poll

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    The OFFICIAL MERB BEST SP of the YEAR 2014 Poll


    Now that nominations have come to a close, the Official Poll will be underway. The poll will be open until Saturday January 31, 2015. The results will be posted on Sunday February 1st, by the end of the day, at the latest.



    1. Only members who have registered on MERB by December 31st, 2014, or any date before, are eligible to vote in the poll.

    2. A member must have posted at least one review sometime in their posting history.

    3. Make sure that the girl you are voting for is for a session that you had within the year of 2014. Not meetings from prior years.

    4. No owner, or anyone who was the employee of an agency (booker, driver) is allowed to vote. Nobody who has worked or acted as an agent for an independent SP is allowed to vote.

    5. When the poll ends all votes will be verified. Ineligible names will be eliminated.

    6. An 8th option in the Poll will be included for the following SP's to be written in, since they all tied in 8th with 3 votes in the Nomination thread: Jezabelle Legend (Indy; ex-SD), Julia @ Girls4U, Polly @ Mojo, Tiffany @ Vogue (ex-MontrealXXXtase). The member who selects this option will be responsible of posting in the thread which of these four ladies (and only these four ladies) they are voting for as the Best SP.

    7. A reminder that only votes for the ladies listed under Rule 6, can be written-in votes and allowed to count. Votes written-in for any other SP, will not count and will be therefore disqualified.


    a) It will be appreciated if the members help in identifying ineligible voters discretely by PM during or after the nomination/voting process.

    b) All votes are being verified as the poll proceeds. An update will be posted weekly until the end of the poll, every Sunday. Disqualified names will be erased in the final official poll count.

    c) All help with verification, vote counts, suggestions, positive ideas are appreciated.

    As a final reminder of the importance of this process, a quote from the 2012 Poll by ManApart:

    To state the obvious; the girls are who make this hobby possible. They are everything and the only thing, when it comes down to it. Without them, none of our great moments and memories, partaking in this hobby, would exist. I really think it is important to recognize those who gave us our best moments and experiences during the past year. They deserve a lot of appreciation and gratitude for the great GFE service they gave to us all. If you think about it, is there a greater gift?
    Good luck, ladies!

    **This is a public poll. The poll will close on January 31st, at 12:33 a.m.

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    No one on the list for me..Sorry
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    Of the girls listed, my vote is for Tiffany

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    Oh hey nice!
    Thanks to all who nominated me and shared memorable moments with me this year
    Congrats to all the girls!

    Wishing you all an amazing 2015

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    Hello all,

    I'm still casting a write in vote for Darla of Wildtime. She deserves it. I came within a hair of meeting Chloe, mais, c'est la vie.



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    My vote goes to the so lovely Isabella Desrosiers can't wait to go back to Montréal to see her again.

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    My vote goes to Tifanny @Vogue.

    If Tifanny can pull off both Rookie of the Year and SP of the Year it would be truly remarkable and deserving!

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    that's an extremely biased voting because i only saw one SP last year with a repeat during the holidays. should my vote still count?

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    themonk83 (and all),

    Seems the participation was not very strong during the nomination period as in years past and that will reflect in the poll likely.

    Reverdy, I know you kind of got thrown into running this poll at the last minute but wasn't there a choice in other Best SP polls in previous years that allowed for a write in vote for WHOMEVER anyone wanted to write in?
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    The write-in options in previous years (2011, 2012, 2013) were pretty much set up the same way as this year's poll. There was no "Whomever".

    There's a net trend downward for the participation to this Poll over the past few years, though.

    2011: 121 voters (12 SP's to choose from)
    2012: 88 voters (12 SP's)
    2013: 80 voters (11 SP's)

    The poll was just started yesterday, so there's still time for things to pick up. The ladies whose name appear on this poll more than deserve it.

    FYI, in addition to the SP's listed here, 59 ladies who are still active, received at least 1 nod in the nomination thread (which had no rule - anybody could nominate as many SP's as they wanted), and 17 of them received at least 2 nods (for instance, two of luv2luv's nominees grouped in this bin - Mandy @ XXXtase and Jennifer @ MTLGFE). The nomination thread ran for more than a month, probably the longest period of time I can remember.

    So it wouldn't have taken much for a few more ladies to have their name appear in this poll. It's up to the members to participate and make it happen.

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    Cool, and thanks for your efforts Reverdy
    VIP-9 Fall 2016 but first XO-1 The Loft Party!

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    I will follow Iggy's idea and say that would be better to allow anybody to vote for who they want with a write in vote. Even tough the "poll voting" can reflect the "who is leading" better than looking at every vote, in the end i think every lady deserve a chance at winning. I know some probably don't care about this, but some do, even if its just some kind of recognition that can help there business....

    But its true this year seem different. It seem that the silent members that usually only come by for these kind of thing didn't really came strong this year. Then the board itself lost part of its population it seem during the year. I mean, been there for 5+ years, and i never seen the board so quiet, despite Booker's obvious effort (lol) Maybe those petty conflict among members have finally took there tolll...

    In any case, i am even more than surprise to see last year's "champ", Kate, not being even automatically included in the voting , as a mark of respect or something ....

    In any case, among the poll i actually never saw any of them for a private session lol. I met some of them at parties, and know well Amelie socially, but to vote for somebody you got to have met her in the bed right?

    Ultmately i can't vote for who i would like to vote due to rules, but i would probably put a vote for another girl that i enjoyed a lot my time with. It would probably be Kaila of G4U, i remember i saw her in 2013 and it was great, Kate utimately got my vote because i saw her a lot more and all, but i saw Kaila again in 2014 and had another awesome time, she give herself a 100%, she is very open minded, she got a nice sexual drive, she is a fun girl, she deserve all the praise she can get in this job.

    So you count it if you want, if you can't then so well, but i wanted to say it.
    Life is a party ! Death is the Hangover.. 67-46-6

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    As I pointed out above, many, many ladies - indies and agency girls alike - came close of being included in this poll. So many did in fact had a shot at winning. On the other hand, I don't think anybody believes that, if a SP was not included in this poll, or even in the nomination process, the implication is they're not worth the time and expense of meeting them.

    There has never been in prior editions of this poll a stipulation that the previous year's winner automatically needed to be included in the final poll. And there is no disrespect implied by that.

    For instance, Naomie of MSC has placed very high in earlier editions of the poll, and from what I gather from the most recent comments about her, she's still providing a top-notch service. Yet, I don't see anybody making a stink about her not being included in this year's poll.

    If collectively the members who participated to the nomination process, thought of other ladies than the previous year's champ when they were making their nominations, it's their prerogative - that's all there is to it. The same applies to ladies who did not receive enough nominations to be included in this poll. It's just a reflection of the ebb and flow of the board, and everybody's predilection of the moment.

    There are still more than enough active members who could have participated to the nomination process, and tilted the results one way or another. They were given ample opportunity to do so, yet chose not to. Once again, that's their prerogative, and it has to be respected.

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    Including the prior winners was never a rule i agree, but i tough it would had make sense. Now for the rest, i supose a nomination poll can be good to select who will make the poll, since you are limited to a certain number of choice obviously. But in the final voting, i think anybody should be allow to be voted. Write in should be "anybody" and not just the remaining "contenders". Maybe i take this a bit way too serious, i dunno, but thats how i see it.

    Maybe there should even be a point system, like the agency poll, where your number 1 score 5 points, your number 2 score 3 points and your number 3 one points. Something like that. After all the girls that win or finish in the top 3 do not get anything really, but visibility, and therefore i think any girl should be allow to have that visibility. As silly as some providers probably think those polls are(cause yeah im sure there is that think that, or just plainly don't give a damn about them) , for some its somewhat important, either for there own confidence, or simply the visibility factor.

    How many lurkers(the ones that never post) check those polls and probably make the girls in them in there first choices, because they know they are more or less assured to have a good time. Anyway, thats my 2 cents.. and its not like it matter that much to me.
    Life is a party ! Death is the Hangover.. 67-46-6

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