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Thread: Devilish Escorts~~ MONDAY NIGHT... CANDY AND BRANDI!! SO HOT!!

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    Devilish Escorts~~ MONDAY NIGHT... CANDY AND BRANDI!! SO HOT!!

    Hey Guys

    Tonight's Devils are...

    Lea from 8:30pm-3am

    This amazing girl is only waiting for you gentlemen. She's lovely and wishes to make your dreams come true.

    Brandi from 9:00pm-3am

    This Hot Blue Eyed Babe is GFE and extremely cute. This girl has it all. One date with her will convince you.

    Candy from 8:00pm-3am

    This young latina devil brings the heat..Beautiful face, great personality & GFE. She'll have you thinking of her all night

    Elodie from 9:00pm-3am

    This hot french canadian or parisian Hottie is full GFE and has a amazing body and beautiful attitude.

    Nikka from 8:30pm-3am

    This green eyed, dark haired seductress is not only gorgeous but she is sure to leave you wanting more.

    Amber from 8:00pm-3am

    Welcome Amber, she is a french canadian hottie who will give you the full GFE Treatment..She eager to have a moment with you that you wont forget...

    Mia from 8pm-3am

    Mia is the newest Hottie on the Team, she is full GFE and very eager to show you the pleasures and thrills of montreal

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    give us a call!!!

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