_______________Hello guys welcome to Montrealxxxtase.com

_____________ ___________ Tuesday i will start answering the phone at 10h30am

Here is your hotties for today :

Bianka 11ham

Andrea 4hpm

Marika 1hpm

Joey 2hpm

Talina 11ham

Lexia 12hpm

Many More ladies to come on i will update the schedule as soon as i know

Hey Guys! We are excited to let you all know that we now have set up a Twitter page! We are now going to tweet every day starting when we open at 10:30am all the way until closing, each day!

Here are the amazing benefits to having a Twitter page now for you guys!

1) Recieve live notifications to your mobile phone, each time we post the Xxxtase girls that are available that day and what hours they are available for booking. No more need to keep refreshing our website to check for changes, now you will see our live updates always right the second that they happen and get notifications on your phone!

2) Even if our website is not working properly, no stress! Now every single important detail will be on our Twitter page! Never be out of the loop, stay current!

3) We will do Awesome Specials so keep your eyes on the page!

4) Fun fun fun!!!


We thank you for supporting XXXTase



Have a good day