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Thread: Tips on Hobbying in Ottawa

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    Tips on Hobbying in Ottawa

    I have a business trip in Ottawa in February.
    I've been trying to find reliable information on hobbying there.
    That is when I've realized that we are spoiled in Montreal when it comes to the Hobby.

    We have a great board in Merb (well run and organized with informative and devoted members)
    and we have great agencies that are filled with a huge choice of quality women.

    I've looked around for Ottawa with Cerb, Caerf, Lyla, etc (don't get me started with backpage) and only Terb comes close to what Merb offers.
    So I'm looking for your expertise to help me (and maybe others) have a good time in Ottawa (is there such thing ;D?)

    What are your suggestions of girls / agencies? Any special Ottawa tip?

    Thanks for your help!

    (p.s. : thank god I'm spending one day in Montreal at the end of the trip !)

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    What are your interests/preferences?

    Overall I would say save your money for when you're in Mtl , but there are a few worthwhile options I could suggest if you let me know what you're looking for.

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    Thanks reverdy! will check it out

    @supersoaker. I'm looking for outcall and I prefer caucasian/asian women with curves and beautiful face (who doesnt?). I'm fully bilingual so language is not a problem

    Mirage was on my radar, Explore Her seem to be solid too and Pink Kitty seems to be so so.

    On a side note,
    Again, i have proof that you guys are the best.
    Too bad I can't make it for any of the GT this winter, it would have been fun to meet you guys in person.

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    I will generally use lyla (CERB) to see who is on, and them TERB to get the 411 on them. You mentioned not wanting to use backpage, but should you go there, the Cowboy's Diary ( ) is an awesome tool to help you navigate the B&S you will find on BP.

    I agree with your takes on the agencies. PK is not nearly what it once was. Change in ownership has been a real problem. No problems with Mirage or EH. Other agencies tend to come and go.

    The one indy that comes to mind is Rebecca (south by airport), she provides excellent service and is fully reliable. Average on looks though. She is a regular on lyla

    If you do decide to go Asian, make sure to research the Ottawa section of TERB, lots of good threads on the Asian agencies.

    Good luck!

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