Unhurried Quality Time
A Carefree Ambience
Intimate Conversation
Flirtatious Gazes
Exciting Contemplation
Building Urgency
Thrilling Anticipation


Implicit Desires
Soft Caresses
Intense Kisses
Erotic Embraces
Sensual Exploration
Passionate Discovery
Sweet Pampering


Mutual Pleasure
Affectionate Cuddles
Soothing Relaxation
Pure Delight
Lasting Memories


Ladies, gentlemen and open-minded couples,

If we haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet or if you are planning on traveling to Montreal on business, rest assured that it is never too early to contact me. I actually prefer it this way as it gives us a chance to communicate, get to know one another and establish a good comfort level before meeting. Being a sapiosexual at heart, intellectual foreplay prior to our date is an excellent way to create anticipation and excitement!

The sweet of kiss from my sensual lips,

Gabriella xox

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