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Thread: What happened with TERB

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    Question What happened with TERB

    Does anyone know what is going on with TERB? Looks like it is down for several weeks now.

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    Working for me just now. Do you have the correct url?

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    You're trying the old URL. Same as Merb

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    Question for Fred. My access to MERB is working but:

    The unsecured http:// link is not working, while the "secured" https:// (in Firefox at least) is giving me an "invalid certificate" error. The nature of the message basically states that the web site site has fabricated their own certificate, rendering it invalid.
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    When I try to go to, it takes me a page titled "One more step. Please complete the security check to access TERB". Below, it prompts me to enter the characters from an image (CAPTCHA), but whatever I do, nothing happens after that.

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    I used the above link with no problems. There was a problem but it cleared on it's own for me.

    Good luck with that, maybe a power that be can get 'er done for ya.

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    Ya is missing part of the SSL certificiate ... happens to me on mobile chrome as well and likely to happend on desktop browsers in a few months ... sure it'll get fixed eventually.

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