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    Question Massage : assurance / Massage : insurance

    Il existe des salons massages donnant des reçus pour les assurances et qui font des happy ending? Avec extra aussi si possible ?

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    Code of Ethics for RTMs in Quebec

    Article 13
    The member must neither harass nor sexually abuse his client. In particular, he must refrain from:

    - engaging in behaviour (a gesture and/or expression) that is sexually degrading to the client or that demonstrates a lack of respect for the privacy or modesty of the client;
    - suggesting, proposing or pretending that he is able to cure a client’s sexual problems or dysfunction;
    making gestures intended to seduce or making insinuations or jokes with a sexual connotation, requesting a sexual encounter or sexual favours, or engaging in any other behaviour with a sexual connotation;
    - suggesting, proposing or practicing body techniques and maneuvers whose purpose, acknowledged or not, is to seduce and/or satisfy his sexual and/or affective needs or those of the client;
    - making inappropriate comments of a sexual or sexually degrading nature about or to his client, for example comments on the physical appearance of the client, on the latter’s underwear or sexual orientation, or any other comments of a similar nature;
    - engaging in sexual relations with a client, whether or not they are initiated by the client, including full sexual relations, masturbation or any genital, oral or anal contact.

    - Sexual relations and activities between a member and his client are strictly forbidden for as long as the client is using the member’s services.

    - The member must not establish intimate or amorous ties with the client for the duration of their professional relationship.

    Article 53
    A member may not issue a receipt for massage therapy services where:

    - the service offered to the client does not come under massage therapy practices recognized by the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes;


    For Ontario:
    Welcome to distinctive exclusivity, exquisite refinement and classic elegance

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    That is all good and fine to put rules like this on paper, but it does not happen like this in real practice. I know several massage therapist that issue receipts under a massage association
    ( that will remain nameless. ) they will give receipts for the massage portion and the rest is considered a tip. I know one therapist that was issuing receipts for a salon of 10-12 girls when clients asked for them. She was told by the massage association to stop issuing receipts while she was under investigation. Eight months later they just told her not to do it again. They kept her because her membership fees were free money in the associations pockets.

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