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Thread: F1 2005 season wrapup

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    F1 2005 season wrapup

    A new champion and renewed competitiveness. Alonso wins the drivers championship and Renault wins the Constructors title to make it a double. The Renaults' certainly were the most consistent cars on the track and the most powerful. In the end this proved to be Kimi's undoing as many thought he was actually the best driver this year. Keep in mind that Kimi won the most races and would have won a couple others until he was forced to withdraw while holding commanding leads in those races. He had to retire from 5 races altogether while Alonso retired from only 2, Alonso won at least a couple of the races Kimi withdrew from. This would have been enough to tip the scales in Kimis' favor to win the title. But that is only an if, and we should not take credit away from Alonsos' incredible driving this year. He is the youngest to win the title I believe and looks to have a bright future ahead of him.

    McLaren Mercedes had a great year finishing just behind Renault in the constructors title and with Juan Pablo fourth in the Drivers Championship. Ferrari took third as their championship run finally ended due to a somewhat dissapointing performance from the 2005 car which left Schumi well behind Alonso and Raikkonen in the Drivers Championship at third place, only two points ahead of Montoya. The Ferrari clearly wasn't the best car on the track.

    Rubens Barrichello is gone and Felipe Massa is to replace him. He will have one short year to learn from the master as Schumachers contract is over after 2006 unless he decides to extend for a year or two. The money is great obviously but there is speculation that his age is catching up to him a bit and he may want to retire while close to the top. Schumachers next milestone to look for will be another 1st place in qualifying as it will tie him for the all time mark in pole positions with Senna.

    Toyota had a respectable fourth place finish in the Constructors as Ralf Schumacher seems to have designs on following his older brothers success. Toyota had a $400 million dollar budget this year, enough to make George Steinbrenner jealous!!!

    Next year will be interesting as some teams will be using V-8 engines(including Ferrari). Other things to look for next year which will be discussed over the coming months are the possible return to slicks, allowing tire changes during the race again. Michelin has said it will provide tires for only 6 teams next year. The last race has been run by Minardi, Sauber, and Jordan which will leave Williams BMW as the last group to not be totally corporate.

    BAR has been bought out by Honda as well. Speaking of Honda, Goodbyes are in order to Takuma Sato who absolutely SUCKED and was responsible for several bullshit incidents on the track this year, dittos' to Karthikeyan who just doesn't seem to have the talent to drive competitively at this level. Monteiro blew as well. Red Bull will have even more cars on the track next year as they try an expensive "success in numbers" strategy, maybe the first two cars will run over the current champion and top contenders on the way to the starting grid and allow the other car to race, LOL!

    Personally I would like to see Scott Speed get a chance to drive but I wonder if his being American won't get him blackballed. I'm looking forward to Montreal in June and if you have already bought your tickets(grandstand 1 this time) as I have then you will have a nice Christmas present under your tree soon.

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    You must be a real F1 fan just like me. nice recap. Rumors of J. Villeneuve calling it quits? I don't think so. BMW will need him for at least another year. He's got the experience and will bring valuable data to the team. I'm a die hard Ferrari fan. Had a disastrous season. They seemed blown away with the new regulations i guess & bad tires. Schumy would hope to forget this last season especially the last race in Japan. Double Whammy!

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    I am a big M.S. Fan since the first time I saw him piloting his shark nosed Yellow&Green Benetton around Circuit Gilles Villeneuve back in '92. I think with all the rule changes for next season Ferrari / Bridgstone / M.Schumacher shoudl be back in the hunt. It was truly a sad season for Ferrari, however it was very interesting to see McLaren bounce back to be a top competing team and it was certainly fun to see Flavio still has what it takes.

    My pick - next year it will be a three way fight between Schumi - Alfonso - Rac&pinnion... Schumi will prevale and come out on top - then retire in peace.

    Here's an interesting article, quoting Alonso, I ran accross recently:

    After five years of dominating Formula One, Schumacher's reigning came to a crashing end in 2005, when the German could only manage third in the Drivers' Championship. Alonso won the title, while McLaren driver Kimi Raikkonen finished second.

    However, according to Alonso, Schumacher, a seven-time World Champion, is the favourite to win next year's campaign.

    "I'm glad I beat him (Schumacher) while he's still here," Alonso said.

    "His motivation is impressive. Then again, winning and succeeding is addictive, and it drives Michael - I think we have this feeling in common."

    "This year Ferrari struggled, but I don't think they will be that far behind again. I hope Schumacher returns, stronger than ever."

    "Anyway, it is harder to defend a Championship than it is to win it. It is going to be difficult for us to match this perfect season."

    The Renault driver added: "I still think he's the favourite for 2006."

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    Red face Phew!

    Glad to see their are still some F1 fans out there, I was beginning to think I was the only one interested, LOL! A very humble champion Alonso is indeed giving Schumacher his due. Anyone have any ideas or opinions on what should be done next season to deter the reckless behavior of some of the drivers at the bottom of the field who hurt the chances of contenders? I believe Juan Pablo, Kimi, and M Schumacher were all knocked out of races by reckless driving and the stiffest punishment I remember was Sato being penalized 10 spots on the grid in a following race. Is that enough?

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