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Thread: Where to buy female condoms in Montreal?

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    Where to buy female condoms in Montreal?

    Has anyone ever seen female condoms for sale in Montreal? I've never seen them and an internet search didn't seem to turn up any results.

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    Hi Tiannas,

    I'm surprised I know this myself, this is the type of conversation that came up after a couple of shots of Grappa with some good Friends

    It's distributed in Montreal by SD Variations, but they don't sell to the public, they do distribute to Désire et Passion. I linked the name.

    It's a pretty specialty item but I believe they can get it to you the next day since SD is in Laval. The only thing is you would have to pick it up at their store in the South Shore.

    Let me know how it works out

    Here's the link tothe product on SD's site, maybe the name and product code might come in handy

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    The female condom was invented for the sake of invention. It makes a lot of squishy noises and does not feel as god as a regular condom. They are hard to get and are expensive.

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    I would imagine La Capoterie would hold them : . Why don't you give them a shout first to be sure?

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    I always get mine at Venus Envy in Ottawa or Come As You Are in Toronto as I am not familiar with the sex shops in Montreal. I prefer worker run coops. I like supporting them.

    Yes, female condoms can make noise but they are good options for those clients who have difficulties with male condoms. I always have them on hand. Dental dams too as I do have clients who request them.

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    Although I've heard of them, I've never seen one. Being that there is some experience here with them, could I ask about the sensation difference? Does it give more/less sensation to the man or woman, or pretty much the same as a male condom from that aspect? How about froma protection standpoint, is there as much of a barrier in terms of amount of skin contact?

    Charlotte I do like what you pointed out though, as a guy who has trouble keeping it up, it seems like a very interesting option since just the time of opening, putting on the condom and starting the deed can be the difference of an encounter going well or not so well, all depending on what crap is going through my head I suppose.
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    As with Rudolph, stopping the action to put on the condom results in the rest of the encounter going "not so well". If the SP is familiar with the female condom insertion and use, it can be done, in some cases, without you even knowing it's there. The sensation is as close to bbfs as you can get. Depending on how "hot" she is, you won't even know it's there.

    Tiannas & Charlotte: this site -, although U.S., ships to Canada. Female condoms are not listed because they are so low volume, but you can message me here to order. Depending on quantity, they are around $3 U.S. each. For guys - the name is 'non-adult' and shows on your credit card as 'computer supplies'. The site has over 100,000 DVD's and 20,000 toys, lotions, etc.

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    The male condom is more effective against pregnancy and STD's ... The female condom has a failure rate of 5% vs that of the male condom which is 1% or lower.

    *When used properly*

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