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Thread: Strip searching in schools.

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    Look behind you.

    Strip searching in schools.

    Been reading about the strip searching incidents at Quebec schools. Just to let it be know, if any school strip searched my kids my lawyer would be calling them and it would not be good.

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    Guilty or not of selling dope at school, you don't strip search a 15 year old girl. Thats just not right. They don't even do that to hard asses out here on the rigs in Alberta. They rely on drug dogs and physical eveidence and if you are caught you are gone.

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    Totally agree you cannot strip search a 15 year old! drugs or not, they should of contacted the police to handle this situation.

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    This issue has already been decided by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2001, which stated in their decision:

    “In light of the serious infringement of privacy and personal dignity that is an inevitable consequence of a strip search, such searches are only constitutionally valid at common law where they are conducted as an incident to a lawful arrest ... conducted at the police station“.
    In other words, strip searches can only be legal if done by police after one has been placed under arrest. This did not happen in this case. The police were not called, the child was not arrested and no drugs were found on the child. The family is now suing the school board.

    It is not surprising that the Quebec Education Minister is ignorant of this and has defended the school's actions. After all, this is the same Education Minister who doesn't believe that libraries should buy more books!

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    If any teacher strip searched my kid, I would beat him bloody.

    NO ONE except the Police (and Border Patrol) have the right to search your person or detain you or conduct any sort of 'criminal' investigation against you, even if you are a teenager.

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