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Thread: Indy Incalls Around Guy/Peel/Crescent: Does location reveal anything?

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    Indy Incalls Around Guy/Peel/Crescent: Does location reveal anything?

    This might be a bit silly, but I feel like I've noticed a sort of trend. This trend might have changed in the last 6+months I've seen an indy or escort. It seems like many indies, or at least advertised indy (we're talking average prices so 160h - 200h) services are somewhat related to location. For young Indies, I see many advertising and a text/call reveals they're around Guy/Peel/Crescent area. I have never had a good experience in this area. Have you? I don't know, but the numerous poor experience, rushed service, false advertising, etc, I've had here from young attractive women around this location as soured me to it completely.

    In general, what I wonder is if, at least for Indies who aren't well know, if you feel location is indicative of the potential services one might receive...

    I.e. Near St Jacques or some poor area, seems like you're less likely to receive good service.

    All this of course is total generalizing, but meh.

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    YES, location is indicative for me.
    We're talking of Indies or fake indies (pimped) advertised on Ann123, AnnonceIntime, Backpage etc... Not advertisers on Merb.

    For exemple, unless well reviewed, I always refrain from going in the St-Marc/St-Mathieu and De Maisonneuve area.
    There are a lots of threads about the infamous 1975 de Maisonneuve that is in this area.
    There ads were easy to spot since there were always using same face blurring method and Description in english with some similarities for each of their girls.
    Ads were in english, booker at the phone was always the same French QC girl but phone numbers always different for each girl and she acted like she was girl in the ad...
    This place was a big hit and miss of junkies mostly and mostly miss.

    I believe they are still doing business these days, with a little bit different style and diff locations but not sure...
    Every ads that are in english on Annonce123 or AnnonceIntime, or that have locations near Guy/Crescent/St-Marc/St-Mathieu etc, or have similar face blurring, I skip.
    I may miss great encounters but I leave it for others... If I read good reviews, then I will know my filtering skill are too restrictive

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