Hey Guys

Tonight's Devils are...

Cassidy from 8:00pm-3am

Cassidy is a french canadian tigress that will show you what montreals GFE girls are all about. She is a great date for any type of evening

Mia from 8pm-3am

Mia is the newest Hottie on the Team, she is full GFE and very eager to show you the pleasures and thrills of montreal

Elodie from 9:00pm-3am

This hot french canadian or parisian Hottie is full GFE and has a amazing body and beautiful attitude.

Sara from 12am-3am

Let me introduce you to Sara, she is a french canadian hottie who will treat you like an angel.

Nikka from 8:00pm-3am

This green eyed, dark haired seductress is not only gorgeous but she is sure to leave you wanting more.

Crystal from 8:00pm-3am

This Stunning Debutante is half Brazilian & Quebecoise. Natural, Sweet and super sexy!! !

Becky from 9:00pm-3am

This french canadian is complete GFE and extremely hot and cute. For those guys looking for the perfect girl next door, well dont look any further cause here she is....