Hey Guys

Tonight's Devils are...

Melody from 8:00pm-3am

This new devil will take you to your limits. Mature, beautiful and sexy.

Cassidy from 8:00pm-3am

Cassidy is a french canadian tigress that will show you what montreals GFE girls are all about. She is a great date for any type of evening

Mia from 8pm-3am

Mia is the newest Hottie on the Team, she is full GFE and very eager to show you the pleasures and thrills of montreal

Elodie from 9:00pm-3am

This hot french canadian or parisian Hottie is full GFE and has a amazing body and beautiful attitude.

Nikka from 8:00pm-3am

This green eyed, dark haired seductress is not only gorgeous but she is sure to leave you wanting more.

Dianna from 11:00pm-3am