Sheltered in the darkest chasms of my body
Hides an unmistakable unrestrained creature... Lust...

Lust, Fiery, Roaring and most Impulsive
Lust implies desire, touch, kiss and embrace
Most aphrodisiacal and stimulating
Lust means lechery, wantonness, lasciviousness and licentiousness

Into a world of pure yearning, endorphin storm erupting
My lust for you is like a constant exploding inferno
All it does is burns, it ravages everything in sight
My lust for you is so fleshy, I can taste your lips at my finger tips
I am in so blood filled, state of lust, vigorous lust
Each inch of skin it ignites

Lost in the lust of our connection, hot as ember and solid as iron steel
Your breath upon my skin, your lips know every wish of mine
A gasp of pure surrender, body aching to capture pleasure
Like the ticking of a bomb, give me all you have

Feed off me, chew me up, dine on me, fill your lust
Touch, sweat, sigh, fingers racing against my thighs
Inhale, exhale, high and deep
Nails tracing down your spine, twist, pulse, heat
Skin to skin we meet, shimmering bodies entwined
Feeling up, squeezing, sliding, rubbing and grinding
The breathing, the moaning, the screaming

Wishing to end this exquisite torture, unconstrained, urgent, frenzied
Panting, huffing and gulping, coming together in waves of needy desire
Showing me all the delights, only suffering from a dripping lust hangover


As always, it will be my pleasure to meet with you at your upscale hotel or private residence for an exclusive two hour engagement or longer. For more information, please visit my personal website. Please keep in mind that I do require a minimum of 24-48 hours notice. I am kindly inviting you to take the former into consideration when contacting me. Thank you.

If we haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet or if you are planning to travel to Montreal on business, rest assured that it is never too early to contact me. I actually prefer it this way as it gives us a chance to communicate, get to know one another and establish a good comfort level before meeting. Being a sapiosexual at heart, intellectual foreplay prior to our date is an excellent way to create anticipation and excitement!

The sweetest kiss from my sensual lips,

Gabriella xox

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