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    Guys, I've come across a good site (recommended by PC Magazine) that will test your vulnerability to virus and trojan attacks and also pop up spams.

    I tested ok on everything so I can't tell you what thier solutions are, and they also tested to see if they can back track to see who you are (it's good to be anonymous). Go here and click on shields up and go thru all the steps it took me all of ten minutes, afterwards check out the "kill the messenger" to stop pop up spams.

    Hope this helps some of you out there. For those who are curious I'm running xp with xp default firewall and it stoped all attempts by to connect to my computer.

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    very interesting site. I run the tests on my machine. All the tests passed, because I'm using a router with a hardware firewall. Though, I was pissed of because the site managed to get my ISP despite I was surfing through a proxy

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    There is a free antivirus program recommended by the geeks on tech tv. You can download a free version for personal use at Updating the virus is also free. It was updated recently to detect/remove the LovSon/MSBlast virus.

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    Beware of free anti-virus programs...

    You do get what you pay for.

    Updates are late, few and far between, and therefore you get exposed rapidly to all threats out there.


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    Ummm, here is a SIMPLE series of suggestions that will keep you out of trouble.

    1 - Don't ever connect directly to the net. Use a firewall (with high speed connections, a DSL/ Cable router from Dlink or Linksys is a good choice). This will isolate your PC from the net, and make it effectively impossible for outside people to look directly into your system(s).

    2 - If you are using Outlook or outlook express for email, disable the "preview pane" so that you do not automatically open an email when it comes in.

    3 - Create a rule for your email that says "delete all mail with an attachment". Anyone wants to send you a file, set up a hotmail account seperately and view it through their web interface (don't set up hotmail within outlook, you are just creating a real problem there!). If you don't accept attachments, you won't accept viruses. Most people NEVER EVER receive valid attachments, all you are going to get is spam, viruses, and stupid jokes you don't need from people who know mostly how to click on "forward all" and "reply all"...

    4 - run windows update weekly. (under the tools menu in your IE browser).

    5 - run adaware or other scumware scanners to remove all scumware and leechware from your system.

    6 - Don't download "free" software. Most places, such as Tucows and such are now adding scumware to their downloads. Many of these programs create security holes and track your net usage. PRograms such as Gator track your exact net usage.

    You can't get a virus unless you take an action to bring it in, by executing an attachment or downloading a file. Don't do either, and you will be fine.

    Your mileage may vary... mine did!

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    There are still good free anti-virus programs. The update of AVG for MSBlaster was there in 24 hours or so, that is not so late.

    The best protection rule is to get rid of windows and use a more secure OS.

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