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Thread: Legal sex enhancers?

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    Legal sex enhancers?

    There must be some old hands here that have experience with the ED drugs, Bob Dole are you listening?

    Here's a poll for those--let's say 45 plus--who have experience in these matters. Can you enlighten those of us who have thought about experimenting? Do they make a difference? What side effects have you experienced?

    You can vote anonymously and/or chime in with details. Providers among us may have some thoughts on this matter that we would enjoy hearing, too....
    Memory loves time

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    Well I'm a decade and change younger than 45 but I have used Viagra and it rocks! (when mixed with a few other drugs not listed above )

    Anyway the only side effect I ever had was that I didn't want to have sex without it - there may be some other physical side effects that I didn't notice due to the side effects I was having from the the other stuff

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    I will try to answer the query as best I can.

    First, if you are in good health with no problem having an erection why would bother with these drugs considering that a box of four viagra will cost between $52 and $60.

    These pills are prescription drugs so it is best to buy legit and see your doctor first.

    Erectile disfunction is somewhat unpredictible. Absolutely no one should think that he will never develop this type of problem.

    If you are past 50, smoke, drink and have a stressful job with long hours you may develop a problem.

    If in addition you take medication for your cholesterol and high tension you will definitely develop the problem on a short or long term basis. If in addition your day-to-day sex life is very quiet (because you are a bachelor or the wife is no longer into it) you will surely encounter problems.

    Until recently I carried viagra in my wallet as an insurance policy. I now have a new prescription for Levitra which I have not tried yet.

    One evening a few years ago I was in a bar in the Laurentians and met a service provider. Although this SP was nearly 50 she was very very attractive and sweet and i was lonely. I did accept her offer and we went off to my country home. Due to no fault on her part, I was unable to have a hard erection. We were both frustrated. She definitely wanted to give me a good time. At that point in time I decided that I would always have an insurance policy in my wallet. I did see the SP afterwards with my new found confidence and insurance policy (Viagra) and really had a marvelous time.

    Since then I have tried Viagra on a few occasions. Viagra does work most of the time but it is not 100% sure. Viagra should be taken at least an half hour before sexual intercourse. Viagra will not do much if there is no sexual arousal. For example I once took a Viagra in a bar were you meet SP's because I had decided to go out that evening. I did not meet anybody I liked that evening and the Viagra did not even provoke an erection because of the lack of stimulation. Cialis promotes its product on the basis that it effects are more mild but last 48 hours. Although the effects of Viagra diminish after the initial one or two hour period the effect does last a few days and will help if you are enjoying a long weekend in good company.

    Before you take a drug it is difficult to foresee if it is right for you.
    Viagra definitely but not always help me have a hard erection. I did have minor side effects the next day. I somehow felt numb in the chest area, sometimes a little dizziness and other times I had the feeling i would vomit but this never occurred.

    Because of these side effects I decided to swich to Levitra. At first glance Levitra seems as powerful as Viagra so if the are side effects I will swich to Cialis. If and when i do use Levitra I will post an additionnal reply on its side effects.

    Yours truly Hairdeficient

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