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Thread: Not a Social Crisis - Just a Girl Having Fun

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    Not a Social Crisis - Just a Girl Having Fun

    This is how bad the sex trafficking myth has become in the United States.

    The police actually circulated photos from social media of a naked girl who looked fairly young (later indicated to be 17) who was partying around a group of guys, in order to determine if the guys were trafficking her. Apparently, they did not notice that it is currently Spring Break in Florida.

    Fortunately, she seems cool and honest, and sought out the police to let them know that it was all consensual and for fun.

    The music was a lot better in the 60s and 70s. I guess the police and media never listen to that oldie, "this is not a social crisis, it's just you having fun."

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    Every crooked politician wants to nab someone for "trafficking" so they can say they busted a sex trafficking ring. This is all a crock of shit!!!!!!! I'm sure there are girls that have been trafficked but for everyone I can show you girls that are addicted to "lifestyle creep." That is they want to live the life that has been marketed to them and they can't afford it unless they do something like becoming an SP. If they want to break the back of prostitution than the crooked politicos should conduct a raid on all the marketing firms of the fashion industry on Madison avenue for starters that have sold this BS down the line that every girl has to have a several pairs of designer jeans that can cost up to 500$/pair and Gucci handbag.

    The lack of money is the root of all evil!

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