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Thread: Jenna (Moncton) from backpage ad - stay away

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    Jenna (Moncton) from backpage ad - stay away

    Had a short and disappointing experience with this lady two days ago and it was a pure fiasco. She is in her late 30s 's, with nice tits but stretch marks (she had a kid). Nice pussy from the little I saw and ok body.

    As for her services, we had no chemistry and she she is so stuck up and not there that it's like fucking a doll ( I would have probably had more fun with a doll which at least doesn't talk). It's like trying to have sex with your hands tied up, your mouth gagged and your little guy on the verge of just quitting for lack of motivation.

    Part of this is that this lady is the king of safe (as in don't touch her pussy outside of your covered dick and no BBBJ) and has an mechanical / restrictive scared approach to sex that just takes the fun out of it. When I go to an SP I have certain expectations of a shared mutually pleasant experience (if not fake) and some sort of connexion. This is not what I got. First she suck me covered with a quick so so BJ (check) then she made herself come with a vibrator SHE operated (check). She puts the condom on (check), squeeze my cock in her pussy (check), and as I start to fuck her and she's just checking constantly the condom (check).

    Through out let's just say her mind was preoccupied by the mechanics of sex. This was not so good for the little guy whose brain was sensing that he was not welcomed and got to the point that the other brain just decided to get it over with. She even managed to scrapped my finish (coitus interrupted)...

    160 $ for 15 minutes appointment that just went nowhere. I might have been off but her attitude and her approach to sex is not for me. I wished I could say that she has some merits as an SP but with my past experiences I just don't think she's does.

    I would just stay away.

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    Really sorry to read about your bad encounter my compatriot from Sherbrooke.

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    sorry to hear about your experience with Jenna. I'm a regular customer of Jenna and I must say that I've never had any of the issues that you've listed. She's a great girl with a great personality, when you treat her right. Not sure what happened there, but I've seen lots of great comments for her from other people, and I for one would not worry about recommending her to others. You do mention regarding the BBBJ, not all ladies are in to that, cause they prefer to be safe, and personally, I prefer them to be safe, than to have something go wrong. Like I said earlier, sorry for your experience with her, but she's definitely not what you describe in any of the times i've seen her.

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