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Thread: For the Bookers...

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    For the Bookers...

    I would imagine you get a call like this at least once a night... What do you do when the guy who calls you is clearly nuts?

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    not a booker but is there any other answer to this? .....*click*..... that is if you care about the safety of the girls. Maybe James will chime in or other current bookers.

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    Okay, I'll make it more difficult. What do you do if you're not sure if the guy is nuts? You must have to deal with guys like this all the time. I deal with the general public quite a bit and some of my best customers are two quarts short of a gallon. It doesn't make them bad people. But still, I wouldn't want to subject girls to them. What I'm driving at is this: You have to know that a certain percentage of your clientele are just plain fucking nuts. Or weird in an unfathomable way -- everybody knows people like this, right? I deal with the general public all the time, but I don't have to get intimate with them. It must be difficult for a girl to pretend she's into it with a guy who's a wack job.

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    Lily from Montreal
    That's the reason I went indy, there was zero screening from my agency , when I get a bad vide I do not take chances and refuse.
    I am quite sure I refused some very nice guy just socially awkward but I prefer missing on a nice meeting to ignore my sixth sense and say yes and meet a crazy guy...

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    Hello gurgeh85

    You can read some funny ones here



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