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Thread: False ad but real thieves at 438-809-7683

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    False ad but real thieves at 438-809-7683

    This ad:

    Texted, got an agreement, followed the instructions: to pay downstairs at 5210 Queen Mary, climb at room 15.

    Nobody there, pimp left with my 150$. And he's nagging me over text messages.

    Can I expect any clemency from the cops if I rat him?

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    Better you swallow the loss and forget it. You don't need unwanted problems, these guys may be ruthless.

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    Just forget about it, block the A-hole's number and move on. Not worth the aggravation.
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    Your consolation is that you have exposed him and he might waste his time with the next victim. Never pay a third party.

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    can you describe the pimp ?

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    can you describe the pimp?

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    White guy, mid-20s, 5'8"/190, very short black hair (1/2 inch maybe?) round glasses, totally stoned. Dressed in sporty pants (red) and jacket. There's an Asian guy staying within 20feet of him. Speaks fench and english.

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    Asian guy speaking French = Vietnamese

    Probably live near by but not in that building.

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    Usually these low lifes have nothing to lose so rating them out changes nothing for them.

    Swallow the lose, learn from mistake and move on.

    Asian is such a broad term I do not know how it equates to a Viet...
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    also keep i mind that they advertise to receive at the delta hotel.

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    What i would do? Use a pre-paid phone, book another appointement, get there with a couple friends if you know what i mean...

    But thats just me... no pity for the thieves...
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    Could this be another ad by them using a different number?

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    One important rule:
    And wait to be in the room and did some validation chat before you pay.

    If this kind of scam exists, it's because there are always easy targets. (Newbies, People thinking with their D..k head, Naive People that can't believe a pimp can be dishonnest...)
    (I was one of these once, I admit)

    There has been MANY stories like this denounced on merb, but still people get screwed on this obvious scam...

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    I agree 100%. happened to friends of mine quite a few times at various incalls in Montreal and Toronto. They paid as soon they got there and the girls just tried to waste time and asking for more money or leave kinda attitude + tried to scare them + "I am not turned on enough" attitude + Other time wasters. They left with their dicks in their hands and out 200 bucks within 5 minutes.

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