I had a Montreal memory when I read this. I was staying at the Hilton Bonaventure (may not be a Hilton now) and there was a huge after-prom party that night. The escort, Laeticia from The Harem, laughed when she came in my room. She figured she was being called to service a bunch of high school guys whose prom dates did not put out. Fun girl, Laeticia, do not know whatever happened to that athletic little redhead.

I was amazed by this article. Of course it is LA, with lots of rich people and designer dog haircuts and spas. I thought the cost of directly buying it, versus a date, was purely an adult dilemma. But I can see some enterprising 18 year old guy telling his parents, you know prom costs $1,200, how about giving me $500 instead and I will get a really top-notch call girl that I can research on TER.