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Thread: Calling for information vs Confirming an appointment

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    Calling for information vs Confirming an appointment

    Hello gentlemen,

    In mind these two activities are different, but am I the only that sees it that way. Whatever it is Outcall, Incall or MP.... customer will contact you very often to get various information without always confirming. It is the nature of the job to be on the phone and help customer.

    But sometimes I have the feeling that they get upset when we do not confirmed an appointment.

    Do you have that feeling too sometimes (not always) ?


    Note: Always in respectful way please.

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    For myself i never call a agency or a indy if i am not interested to see them in the same day for example...cause i dont know why people call for infos??..En général toutes les infos de l'agence ou des indys sont marqués sur leur annonce ou leur site web etc.....Dans MON CAS...ces plus dure..le pourquoi es fort simple que MOI faut je sois le premier a voir la gente dame au début de son shift..ces UN MUST...pour MOI.....déjà discuté sur ce thread...

    Et en plus j'aime pas trop prévoir genre ...ahhh samedi a 13h00 je vais faire xxx...lolll....faque ces très dure et souvent je me retrouve a contacté l'agence ou la indy en question et elle es déjà prise du a un rdz ou autres circonstance...faque souvent je me retrouve sans rencontre snifff..Ces ça qui ME déç si l'agence ou la indy es déçu ou frustré...bien qu'elle s’inquiète pas je le suis encore plus lolll
    Faque résultat, avant d’appelé juste s'assuré de pas posé des questions qui sont déjà répondu et comme tu dis dans le respect je croirai pas que l'agence ou la indy sera frustré...
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    I never call unless she is running late and I need an update. Usually I will confirm appointments via e-mail.

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    I started seeing an Indy or two each of the last few trips. A few of these Indies had someone helping them to manage their schedules. I met these guys after. I think the term "pimp" is not accurate. These guys were more like secretaries. I found out a few months later how one guy was paid and I had to laugh.

    I am the last guy in the world to engage in political correct speak or use euphemisms but I learned that my favorite Indies are not pimped. They have secretaries that do a similar job as my secretary does for me 9-5.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Of course it is two different things, I am surprise it is even an issue, maybe it is different when dealing with agency where you ''order'' from a menu but with indy since we are more able to be discriminating there has to be a minimal exchange to decide if we are a good match and that doesn't mean I will want to see you and vice versa...

    The confirmation email in my case,phone for others, occur only once a meeting is agreed upon,if you set up a meeting and then do not confirm yes I will be ,well not upset that would be too strong but disappointed and I suggest you avoid doing that the first time you want to see me because unless we meet at least once I have no way to know you are not a prankster, those one that I call ''lapin'' because they jumped me...

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    Contacting someone could be only to see if your own window (availability) is matching with a lady's window (availability).

    With an Indy is usually fairly simple, you can book in advance because we are both in control of our agenda. For SP, sometimes (or most of the time) you have to wait for the same day. And if you wait to long that her window and yours might not be matching. Now like me, I lived in WI, if her availability is at 17h00 downtown, is is 13h30 and you have to be back in WI for 18h15 then that might not work. And it's nobody's fauly because bookings are dynamic and as customer we do not see it. Our only choice is to contact the booker to get the informatoin.

    And with experience, usually you might working with Plan B and Plan C at the same time, to avoid deception.

    Again, to me there is a difference between contacting to get information (mainly availability because usually the other information are available) VS confirming a rendez-vous. With Indy, if you did pre-book, then a reconfirm 24 or 48 hours prior to meeting is good because, either the customer or the courtesans may have unplanned activities that came during that week.

    In my case, I have a booking with a lady (Indy) for next Sunday (1st meeting together) and I did ask her if we could reconfirm by email Friday around lunch time. That will be good for my own planning and hers.

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