Greetings everyone

As some of you might have noticed, I am a huge hockey fan and love watching my home team play, especially during the playoffs!

As much as I love spending exclusive moments in your exquisite company, when the opportunity presents itself, my heart is always torn between accepting a lovely request on a night where the Montreal Canadiens are playing and actually watching the game.
I know, I know lol What can I say?... I love hockey and the HABS!

Hummmmm, what’s Gabby to do with all this?
Since I am a pro-active problem solver and love my heart in one piece,
I thought the following exciting incentives would interest you



When the HABS are playing, at home or on the road, my regular honorarium applies.
For more details, please visit my personal website.

For Off Nights
An Ephemeral 2 Hour Rendez-Vous
$50 Reduction
Sensual Discovery, Passionate Exploration
3 or 4 Hours $100 Reduction
Delectable 5 Hour Dinner Date
$150 Reduction

For Each Additional Hour, Please Add $150 To The Total Of My Honorarium

An Overnight Affair
Up To 15 Hours $400 reduction

As always, I’m all yours!
Due to my limited availability as a part-time companion, only a few select dates are indulged in on a monthly basis.
*I offer absolute exclusivity and never spend time with multiple patrons on any given day*

Take Me To The Game Package

We get together for a bite to eat, make our way to the Bell Center, enjoy the game--and watch the HABS WIN--
(positive wishful thinking at its best lol) and then retreat to your upscale hotel or welcoming residence. This will allow us to continue
the celebrations (win or lose) in a more private and intimate setting.

Fun, Cheers & Private Moments
Up to 9 hours $1600

Exciting Overnight Tryst
Up To 15 Hours $2000

Montreal Canadiens Calendar