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Thread: Future Montreal Visit - agency outcall duos exist?

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    Future Montreal Visit - agency outcall duos exist?

    Headed to Montreal in a few weeks, and looking to partake in the local scene. Rates are much better than Toronto, so my hope is to snag a duo. Currently I'm reading reviews on XXXtase and MTLGFE girls and liking what I'm both reading (and seeing) but their sites don't mention duos. They only state 'x per girl' - so in theory I would just book with 2 girls, but there's no guarantee that they will either 1) interact with each other and 2) even have any chemistry together, esp if they don't really know each other.

    Any advice on the matter? Anyone have any duo experiences with either of these agencies? It doesn't 'need' to be agency, I guess I could go indy as well, but with agencies there's just more to choose from (that is not meant to sound as awful as it came out). ack!

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    I've had a really good time with Emily and Tracy. There's a good duo for you. Just talk to the guys at mojo escorts they will hook u up

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