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Thread: sting/scam in Cambridge

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    sting/scam in Cambridge

    Fellows merb-ites,

    Not sure who to alert about this, but I was just a victim of a scam in Cambridge ontario. Girl receiving in a hotel, very timid- the communication was spotty to begin with, and I shoud have been on my guard.

    Anyhow, as the action is starting, she gets up to go to the can, and out pops two men, one black and one white, one of whom who looked a lot like a cop to me...

    They told me to leave. I honestly suspect LE running a little scam to make some extra coin.

    Here is the ad, which I already reported:

    All the Best,


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    It doesn't sound like LE - just 3 friends and a stranger.

    If it was corrupt LE, they could have shaken you down for a lot more than the donation.

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    I guess you must be right. It was not much to share between three people.

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