Heya ,

Im new to the board. Ive been reading well over 300 threads on this board for the past week and im still looking for input . I got 1 escort in my life, it was in Denmark and it sucked . Right now im looking for a lifetime experience and order a duo. As money is an issue ( i dont wanna spend more then 450$ ) i was thinking about some LDL like DG or eleganza ( if you got recommandations dont hesitate to name) . Im still young and i can pick up good looking girls but in no way i can pick up 2 nor want that to happen in my real life . So Basicly id consider it as an experience, a one time thing and i can just erase it on my "to do list before i die" .

One concern i have is ive read post like

"In my hobbying experience duos are perhaps the poorest bang for the buck for the hobbyiest. The chances of getting two girls that are (a) truly bi, and (b) work well with one another is pretty close to slim and none."

Theres also another quote but i didnt copy/paste it and cant find it back but i basicly sayd :

"Better keep it a fantasy"

So whats the deal ? Did anyone had good experience at all ?? Because from these it look like if you get a good time its like winning the lottery

Btw is 1 hour ok ? Im pretty sure i can get 2 sog within 1 hour especially with 2 good looking girls and i doubt ill have energy for more.

Any comments / feedbacks/ recommandations appreciated !

PS : Keep up the good work on this board , it totally ROCK!!!