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    Thumbs up Jarhead

    Went to see the movie. It is based on the book by a Marine named Anthony Swofford, he was a sniper during the 1st Gulf war.

    If you expect to see a war movie like Apocalyse Now, Full Metal Jacket and the sort, you'll be sorely disappointed.

    It got to a good start with some funny moments then got sandbogged in the desert on California and Mexico (film locations) where the main actor keeps pouring his thoughts about his life as a Marine. It's a no-action flick and I nearly dislocated my jaw with too much yawning.

    Actors : Jake Gylennhall is a bland actor and it shows. Jamie Foxx and Peter Sarsgaard are credited with a noteworthy performance.

    The only good thing that came out of this movie is the main soundtrack that gets to your core : Jesus Walks from Kanye West but it's only instrumental at the end of the movie.

    2 thumbs way down....

    PS : the best war movie IMHO is SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

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    Saving Private Ryan is a good movie...

    Check out 'band of brothers' the hbo series. great movie.

    'saints and soldiers' ok wwII movie that just comes up short.

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    Don't forget one of the originals ; Platoon.

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    and anothter

    I liked "when trumpets fade" I think its more obscure though.

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    some of my faves are

    -dirty douzen
    -full metal jacket
    -apocalypse now

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    Full Metal Jacket
    Casualties of War
    Hamburger Hill
    Black Hawk Down

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