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    Any of the girls on this forum on snapchat or instagram ? lol

    Instagram can be a good way to advertise.

    It may be a good way to generate buzz or business

    snapchat is more just for fun

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    Lily from Montreal
    Unless you appreciated getting unsolicited naked pic using those implies the girl contact you...not a good idea...maybe I am old fashioned but I prefer the more traditional approach where it is the gentleman who manifest his interest and that way there is no chance that the pic falls into a wife hands...

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    Lily from Montreal
    That is such a turn off,guys please,if you want to get an answer refrain from sending pic of your male anatomy...we do love playing with your body parts, just not looking at a pic of it...

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    ya i got 2 on snapchat and i see her friends too so a duo can become tempting lol

    plus whatever u put on snapchat is erased after 10 seconds so theres no trace. If they take a screenshot u block them lol

    I know a lot of legit biz on instagram i think its just a good way for alternate marketing. In business we always need way to reinvent ourselves in order to stay on top of our shit.

    The best marketing tool for SP probably is mere though.

    That makes me think of the question, what percentage of a girls business comes from merb ?

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    you will by spammed by a pimp , it's stoopid and dangerous ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by amareto View Post
    you will by spammed by a pimp , it's stoopid and dangerous ...
    no way lol u can't get a snapchat from a pimp you will know lol

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