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Thread: Recommendations for a "Bond Girl"

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    Recommendations for a "Bond Girl"

    Looking for a real Eastern European femme fatale to play out my "Bond Girl" fantasy.

    Tall, slim, naturally busty or discreetly manmade, educated and with an authentic Russian or similar accent. (Bonus for black hair and blue eyes).

    Does she exist? The closest I've ever found was in Prague, but the girl had absolutely no class...

    Does anyone come to mind?
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    Neverbored, I think I have the Bond Girl you are looking for: Julia Lescova, a beauty from Latvia (she is from Russian descent) . She will trun 30 years in a month. She is 5'10"" with dark hairs and beautiful blue eyes. To my eyes, she is stunning!.

    Since I had a session with a Brazilian girl from Curitiba that was from Ukranian/Latvian descent (see post 281 on the São Paulo thread) I have a knack for black hair women with an eburnean complexion!!!!
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