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Thread: Resignation – SP or MP

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    Resignation – SP or MP


    I am fairly curious about all aspects of this hobby. I obviously work in a different business sector, and the standards in my field are minimum 2 weeks notice. More if you really like your employer, but there is an opportunity that you cannot miss, so you prepare a transition period (that will include a recruitment phase) or 3 to 5 weeks resignation notice.

    • In this hobby what is the standard policy for a girl to “safely” switch agencies or status (becoming Indy)?
    • Once a girl switched, does she gets threaten (or blackmailed) from her former employer or it’s business as usual (another person will be hired to replace the empty spot, and life goes on) ?

    Thanks in advance for your usual professional, respectfull and sincere comments,

    Note: Obviously it does not apply to Indy, but do they systematically notidy Mod of their retirement. That would be appreciated.

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    Legally in any job there is no requirement to give any notice. You are correct in that most employees give 2 weeks, but an Sp or an MP are by definition, independent contractors not employees and as such are under no obligation to give any notice
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    There are some agency hoppers who survive just fine. I don't think they have that many problems switching.
    However I do believe sometimes they do burn bridges when leaving. But it's always for the best depending of the girl. Some girls love incalls cuz it's easier and hate outcalls cuz its awkward. And vice versa, incalls can be awkward and outcalls is more exciting. So sometimes it's just cuz it's more accomodating rather than abandoning the agency

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    Employers are the same no matter which business, if you leave agency A with no notice and start at agency B the trust from agancy A is gone. Where I work there are locals ( natives ) that constantly switch especially if it is a difficult program and they hear of an easy job elsewhere. Usually the difficult jobs last longer and when they come back there is no room for them.

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    Hello all

    Post 12 and 16 for most common reasons for resignation /leaving .
    Escorting is not a controlled market at the moment ,the consequences for the person leaving are slim to none ,other then risk to loose there volume of clients



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