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Thread: Disturbing Article

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    Disturbing Article

    How the fuck does this happen?

    Paradise, also known as Thailand, is a relatively short plane ride way. And Macau (not quite paradise because you usually have to tip to cum more than once in the hour, and it is really hard to find a chick who does anal, but hey you can overlook those things if you are a virgin) is an even shorter plane ride away. Can we CrowdFund (or whatever it is called) these guys so they can go there. Can we transfer some frequent flier miles to them? Christ, a lot of us give the $1 a day that Sally Struthers tells us to in order to feed a hungry child. This seems just as good of a cause. These guys draw pictures of naked women that they do not get to have sex with. If you saw a starving child drawing a picture of food, you would definitely call Sally to give your $1.

    This article really troubles me. Please provide me some therapy to assure me that this will not happen in North America, no matter how much End Demand in the U.S. and Harper/Mackay in Canada try to eliminate Sex Work.

    And the heavily tattooed model in the pictures that accompany the article pisses me off, too. She should go around the room and do BBBJTC on every guy there. They would suddenly not be complete virgins before they knew what happened to them.

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    I just copied a respone to the article. Thank God for SPs. BTW - I was in Tokyo. They have a red light district. Just watch out for the ladyboys.

    Mikey 18 minutes ago 0 4
    I see a number of positive things for these men not losing their virginity. No std's, hopefully no need for a super paying job to cover a family's expenses as to just your own ( bigger home, bigger or more vehicles, groceries, utilities, ect ). Don't have to worry about having a harsh
    divorce and losing 1/2 of your things, along with very high child support. Even if you are one of the blessed to have good & happy family the cost of raising one child is waaay up there. I just saw a figure for that the other day estimated at $460,000+ to raise one child to 18 years old. Who knows how accurate that might be? I do feel for those who have tried over & over again but for whatever reason it hasn't happened. That last quote, jeez.... " After all, being a virgin isn't fatal " ... REALLY ?
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    Marcus 14 minutes ago 0 1
    What about their porno bill, that could rack up tens of thousands a year. I'm just saying
    harry1 12 minutes ago 0 2
    Which is why the anatomically correct inflatable doll industry is a $ billion year business.

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    It happens here ion Canada too. I have met guys in their 30s that are virgins. White Anglo virgins. Some guys are awkward.

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    Jesus Hungry, I am taking this really hard. I just loosened the pocketbook and decided to book two ladies on an upcoming trip. One in the morning and one in the evening. If these guys won't get laid, I will in their place.

    This is a nationality that once conquered most of Asia, and now a statistically significant portion of the adult men are virgins, with a few of them participating in therapy involving sketching a hot, naked lady sitting a few feet from them. Thank God (or thank Shinto) that the Japanese in 1944-45 did not get a glimpse of this future. They would have all become kamikaze pilots, with the Emperor himself taking off in the last plane.

    And how can this therapy help? Maybe it is reverse psychology and would work. I think I might get a slightly inebriated chick to crack up so much at a bar that she would give me a sympathy fuck if I told her I was a virgin and I was trying to overcome this by attending group therapy in which I draw a naked lady, using an actual one as a template.

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    I can just see myself at a therapy session like this. 45 years with no pussy....first I'm setting up my easel. Next I get my canvans ready. Then, I will sit on my stool. I look at my subject and I close my left eye and I line her naked body up with my thumb. Then I would lunge at her from chair knock my easel away and tackle her nakedness and start dry humping.....40 or 50 years and no sex? Come on!!!! It would make an animal out of me. Thanks heaven for places like Montreal.

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    It's not true that there are more virgins in Japan. They have less people getting in relationship and a low birthrate, but sex including sex work is as popular as anywhere. Of course, there are always a few old virgins, but it's not true that it's an epidemic.
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    Thanks Siocnarf. Apparently the statistical study by the condom manufacturer that generated the headline I cited might not have been comprehensive enough to be the final word. I am glad that there might be fewer middle-aged Japanese virgins than the article implies.

    And hopefully the photo they took was from a real art class and the artists are going to go ballistic when they see it. It would be a major waste for these guys to not going to Thailand, the Philippines, and Macau every time they can. I realize there are Japanese hookers, but there has always been a running debate on the TER LA and SF threads as to whether any GFE Japanese escorts really exist, or if they are exactly like the Loch Ness Monster.

    I do not always find Chinese or Korean girls attractive (some are), but I have never encountered bad performance from the many Chinese or Korean ladies I have seen. I have never been with a true Japanese escort. All the Thai chicks I have seen have been attractive and great performers. Can't miss with Thai chicks.

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    If I waited to have a girlfriend before having sex, I would still be virgin today, in my 50s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SylvainP View Post
    If I waited to have a girlfriend before having sex, I would still be virgin today, in my 50s.
    A lot of us would be, in terms of the women we want to fuck. Now strictly speaking, if there was no sex work or recreational sex, most guys would end up having sex with a relatively less desirable woman.

    It is just math and economics. I am guessing that 70 percent of guys want to have sex with 30 percent of the women in the world. If sex is just limited to one on one interactions with true boyfriends/girlfriends and husband/wife, a large percentage of those 70 percent of guys are going to suffer from unwanted long-term virginity, or choose from the pool of women outside that 30 percent category. It is interesting that the pictures in the article feature a woman in the 30 percent category, and the therapy involves trying to convince all the paying attendees that they can get the girl of their dreams. But from a one-on-one perspective, the math does not work - there are more guys than girls. You would need Jesus to return the Second time and instead of bread and fish as the miracle, he would just make a hot chick magically appear for all the guys in line.

    Otherwise, the only way the math works is for sex work to be available for a sufficient number of hot chicks, and for the economic incentives to be sufficient to entice them. If the article had any truth to it, weekends in Bangkok would be a great idea for the guys in the article.

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    I read the article. If you guys really want to donate money to help virgins try India. Because of how they limit female births there are now 45 million more men than women. It's not about not knowing how to meet women it's that the numbers difference makes even trying tragic. In Canada that would figure to be be about 1.25 million lonely men and in the U.S. about 11.5 million.

    Happy hunting,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlot View Post

    I read the article. If you guys really want to donate money to help virgins try India. Because of how they limit female births there are now 45 million more men than women. It's not about not knowing how to meet women it's that the numbers difference makes even trying tragic. In Canada that would figure to be be about 1.25 million lonely men and in the U.S. about 11.5 million.

    Happy hunting,

    God, that is overwhelming. This is the only thing that gives me hope for them. I remember reading last Thanksgiving that the early settlers of Massachusetts (the Puritans) were absolutely shocked when they encountered the folks who settled Maine. Unlike the Puritans, there were a far greater percentage of men to women in Maine, and when asked about it, the guys in Maine said that one woman can keep as many guys happy as could fit in a boat. The article did not specify the size of the boat. Maine survived, so maybe India will too. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Spirit of the early Maine settlers survived, though. One of the most famous prostitution cases in the US in the last few years was of course the Maine Zumba lady, who did a tremendous number of the guys in town, taught Zumba to their wives, and still found time to do some really good porn with that Popsicle. I guess the Puritans have stretched their territory into Maine, since they really went after Miss Zumba.

    And those guys in India are so damn poor, it is going to be hard to find hookers for them. Other professional groups do volunteer tours to help, such as Doctors Without Borders. I just can't see our Montreal favorites going over for a few weeks as Hookers Without Borders to provide low-cost work, walking through the dirt streets amongst cows, in order to alleviate the virginity problem. I am not sure where the migrant labor will come from.

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    I started this thread a long time ago about the rise in virginity amongst Japanese males.

    Here is an equally interesting development. The increase in the number of Japanese women hiring professional male escorts offering the boyfriend exoerience. No indication yet as to whether there is a review system with penis length, how good the guy is at DATY and whether or not he does rimming (a shock jock radio show had a male escort on the show and he said rimming was the most requested service from female customers - and he only did female customers).

    The Unicorns in Montreal have male escorts. I wonder if they primarily get male or female customers?

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    I was kind of excited to see the rebirth of this thread. I was hoping to find an important update like the 41 year old male finally got laid....but nooooooo!

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    Do we just have a failure to communicate here, or something more. Maybe a lot more.

    There appear to be thousands, perhaps millions, of Japanese male virgins wondering the country. Sometimes painting naked women as therapy.

    Meanwhile, a significant number of Japanese women are spending a lot of money by choosing from a select group of male escorts.

    From a stereotypical standpoint, Japanese women have always been described as cold and calculating compared to other Asian nationalities. I rarely read a favorable review of Japanese female escorts. There is literally one in TER consistently described as GFE, and she has been at it for a long time now. Think about how many GFE Thai, Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese ladies we have all been with in Asia and in North America. Maybe that coldness of Japanese women makes them good "johns".

    Japan is a very difficult country to figure out.

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    I haven't been escort for long...all in all, when I merged the number of months I worked in an agency with the period I was indy, I was a SP for about 24-30 months, I have met about 4, if not 5, virgin clients from 25 to 30 years old...the oldest one was 47....nd he was still a virgin when I left his place (I was with Eleganza back then...and couldn't extend). The poor guy got so nervous, he couldn't get hard...and while I was taking care of him with my mouth, he just burst into tears and started to cry his eyes out. There was 20 minutes left and even though I wasn't into mothering at all, I did my best to comfort him and told him my thoughts about it: I am not into romance at all: I do NOT make love, I fuck...hard...and if I love the man, I will want him to fuck me like he hates me passionately! But after 47 years and still be virgin; I would definitely wait for THE one and not giving it to a fuckboy, and would certainly avoiding male prostitutes like the plague...

    I wasn't disturbed...but felt kind of sad for much that I still remember this encounter that happened 13 years ago...
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    it is also about how far are You willing to go....
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