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Thread: Strauss-Kahn not a pimp

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    Strauss-Kahn not a pimp

    I am glad. French laws are fucked-up. Prostitution is legal but pimping is not, and they try to define almost everyone as a pimp. Soon they will try to criminalize customers, so the laws will be even more fucked-up.

    The article has comedy. He said he did not know the women were being paid. He is extremely intelligent, so I doubt that. If not, he is like the famous blonde girl who got mad and quit working at the brothel because she found out the other girls were getting paid. (My favorite blonde joke).

    He also said he needed rough sex at orgies to alleviate stress during the financial crisis. One of the US leaders during the financial crisis wrote a book about it in which he described his struggles with balancing the stress of his job duties with his religious beliefs that prohibited him from taking most medicine. At a hotel one night he sat and stared at an aspirin but decided not to take the aspirin after all. I guess he and Strauss-Kahn have different outlooks on things.

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    The French have a history of making fools of themselves when it comes of accusing rich white men of pimping. Other than Strauss-Kahn , example of falsely accused white men include:

    1. The famous Italian fashion designer Francesco Smalto who was accused of being a pimp for a dictator from Africa (whom I don't recall his name). The guy's reputation was ruined and he had to sell his business , flee to Morocco where he died a depressed man.

    2. Robert De Niro, one of the greatest actors of his generations, was actually arrested and briefly imprisoned in south of France in the late 90's for a trumped charge of being a pimp. De Niro sweared after the ordeal that he would never step a foot in this 'pays de merde'.

    The only thing these men are guilty of is their love for coitus.

    What we see in France is a form of liberal puritanism. US is a lost cause. Let's hope Canada will weather the storm.
    Liberals have destroyed both the US and Canada.

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    He is one disturbing freaky nut job but the way he was treated and dragged through the mud is politically motivated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Numerati View Post
    He is one disturbing freaky nut job but the way he was treated and dragged through the mud is politically motivated.
    Politically motivated or not, someone in a position like his should know better than to drop his pants at an orgy. People in power need to be discrete, more so that the rest of us, that being said, I wonder how many of the members of this board would divulge everything they do in this hobby, who they see, what they do behind closed doors and expect that they would maintain the respect of their friends, family , co-workers and would be able to keep their relationships or jobs intact ?
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