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Thread: SP friendly Hotel in Montreal

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    SP friendly Hotel in Montreal

    Could someone please send me info on a sp friendly hotel or inn in the Montreal area for next weekend
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    What's the price range you're looking for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Train
    For enjoying the services of a sp most hotels are sp friendly except the Vogue and the "W" which require room keys to operate the elevators. Doable but a pain in the butt.

    For working as a sp and using as a temporary incall I wouldn't have a clue.

    Great i just checked into the W today and now i'm trying to think of how to do the deed...any ideas!?!?

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    can I assume the Hyatt is escort friendly? I got a great deal via priceline ($55 US/nite). I meet Emily Red in October at the Residence Inn on Peel and had zero problems but I did stay at the Novotel a few yrs back and had to meet the escort outside the hotel and we took the elevator up together.

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    motel/hotels near Brossard?

    Any suggestion for nice rooms without taking the bridge Champlain, when coming from Magog? (10 East)

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    Hey I stayed at the Soffitel, it was vey nice and SP discrete, no elevator keys or nothing.

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    I have visited clients at the W, Vogue and Novatel.

    What I do is just got to the front desk and tell them that so and so in whatever room is expecting me. They call the room and then give me a guest key. No big deal. I dress conservatively so nobody knows who I am or what I am doing there. For all they know I am family

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    Cool Best Western Europa - Sp UNfriendly

    Stayed here twice by mistake. Both times, bed squeaked pretty badly. Many rooms are like cave: window is located so high up, there isn't much natural light. But the main thing is you need key card in the evening hours. Avoid. If you are on a budget, better deals are available.

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