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Thread: Here we go again with the apocalypse coming..

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    Here we go again with the apocalypse coming..

    After 2000, 2012 here we are in 2015, with yet ANOTHER apocalypse...

    This time its a comet,

    But don't worry, if you miss this one, you can be ready for the next one... Russian EMP USA and invade it in 2017

    Will this ever end really?
    Here's to the people we've met, and the people we've fucked And to those of us who have had no such luck Here's to beer in the glass and vodka in the cup Here's to poking her in the ass so she won't get knocked up Here's to all of you and here's to me... Together as friends we should always be... But if we should ever disagree... Then fuck all of you and here's to me! - Tucker Max

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    Wait aren't we all already a bunch of dead souls hanging around? Wasn't the end of the world in 2012?!?! lol let's just say that my friends who believed that stuff back then aren't speaking much about it now!!! lol

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    Look behind you.
    If everyone sends me a donation of only half your wealth I can make the comet miss the earth.... Fully refundable if the comet hits us...

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