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Thread: NFL week 11

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    NFL week 11

    okay lets get the show on the road, i do not want to brag but i was 4 for 4 last week , i will try to duplicate last weeks 4 for 4 but i will make it a lot more difficult this week as all of my NFL picks will be suicide picks, if i go 4 for 4 this week with these picks i am going to seriously consider quitting my day job(which i hate) and open up my own sportsbook

    Cinnci over the Colts- the Colts have to lose sometime and 2 years ago the Chiefs walked in to this same stadium at 9 and 0 and got hammered, Cinnci is a way better team this year than 2 years ago.

    Philly over the Giants-it is quite simple, lose and the season is toast for Philly, if Manning puts up another performance like he did last week it will be a easy victory, (i think i just made dudemtl's bad books )

    Oakland over Washington- the Redskins are way overrated and the Raiders are better than thier record, they are also due for a win and i expect Collins and Moss to play catch all day, Moss will put up big numbers(200 plus yrds)

    Toronto and BC in the grey cup final will be my final pick(after all i am canadian, just like the beer commercial says).
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    I'll take the Giants to end Phillies playoff hopes. No matter how bad Eli plays the Giants usually find a way to overcome his presence on the field.

    Dallas over Detroit, the second of a 3 game stretch in 11 days for my Boys. By Thanksgiving night they should be sitting pretty at the top of the NFC East two victories shy of locking up a playoff spot with 5 games to play.
    By the way that reminds me we'll have to make our picks by Wednesday this week because of the two Thanksgiving day games.

    The Colts over the Bengals. Bengals are much improved and maybe playoff bound but Indy is the class of the league and will teach the new kids a thing or two.

    Washington over Oakland. The Skins really are a better team this year under Joe Gibbs and Mark Brunell seems to have had new life injected into his previously decaying corpse. Oakland is just bad.

    Grey Cup? Is Tiger Woods playing in that?

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