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Thread: Annonce123 Massothérapie - 10 ads per day ?

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    Annonce123 Massothérapie - 10 ads per day ?


    I am quite curious, why would a lady put over 10 ads per day... like one after the other ? Will that make a diffrence on the number of appointments ?

    One ad, well done should do the job no ?

    Thanks for your opinion,

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    Main reason is that a lot put in 10 or so a day and putting in one may not stand out as much and you will bet bumped to page 7+ in a short time. In Humpchies there is a SP named Allie who I think may hold a record for ads per day, she just showed her face and upper body in first ads I noticed and booked.... no show.... with the recent full body ads I am kind of glad I missed out. In advertising more is better, usually.
    Just my opinion.

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    Shotgunning ads is quite frequent on all the boards, especialy annintime where you can have the same ad come up 20 or more times in an atemps to stay in the top 5 pages. Less prevalent on boards with lower traffic. Check the hit rate on annintine, the same ad can get between 10 to 60 hits depending on the time that it was posted so posting every 15-30 min probably works in catching the atention of the ocasional browser.

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