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Thread: Dyed armpit hair becoming a trend

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    Dyed armpit hair becoming a trend

    I read a lot of news in the morning and came across this, ladies are dying and some bedazzeling their armpit hairs.....
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    While I find the dyed armpit hair trend adorable, I fear my long armpit hair days are far behind me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sol Tee Nutz View Post
    I read a lot of news in the morning and came across this, ladies are dying and some bedazzeling their armpit hairs.....
    What next. Okay so maybe this "Red Head" gets a little more accentuation by dyeing her armpit hair the same bright color. I wouldn't call it attractive, more like a fascinating novelty. I would probably smile, hold back any questioning comments to avoid damaging her sensitivity and pride, and go right past it. Give her sweetie that's so cute...and move on. I can see she's a naturally beautiful woman without all the "styling", and I kinda find this style hot, not counting the armpit neon.

    If you know any this pretty with this me. She reminds me a little of Lizbeth/Vivienne, though L/V was never this extreme.


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    Dyed or whatever.... its still Armpit Hair... wich should not be there at all...

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    Lily from Montreal
    I am all for fashion trend but that one and any hair anywhere except the head I will have to pass...once gone it stays gone in my case...
    it is a bit funny because the receptionist at my esthetician place is this all natural no bra,unshaven legs and hairy armpit girl and she spends her day taking appointment for lady like me who asks for brazilian wax and electrolysis...ironic

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    I predict this trend will jump to crotch hair sooner or later.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Not sure it is such a good idea to put chemicals so close to delicate lady parts...

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    As with many other "teen crazes", this one comes back from time to time:
    Five girls doing the same thing is hardly a trend

    A fun thing to do is to google "new teen craze" and read the results. Approximately 0 to 1% of the results became actual trends. Media is sometimes fighting really hard for these "concerned parents" clicks

    Here's a few:

    New Teen Craze: Sleep Texting (2013)
    'Milking' – The New Teen Craze (2012)
    New Teen Craze: The Choking Game (2013)
    Is oral sex the new teen craze? (2006)
    The Great Fellatio Scare (2006)
    New Teen Craze: Smoking Smarties (2011)
    Google Earth Pool-Crashing Parties Latest Teen Craze (2008)
    New Teen Craze - Healthy To The Max? (2007)
    Dangerous Teen Activity: Dexing, Skittling, Robo-Tripping (2010) whaaat!!??
    'Charlie Charlie Challenge' is spooky new teen craze (2015)
    Greek police warn of teen craze known as Game of 72 (2015)
    Thigh Gap Obsession is the Latest Teen Craze (2013)
    New Teen Craze: Pretending to be werewolves (2012)
    OMG, it's the new teen craze: Butt chugging (2011)
    Vaportini, the new Teen Craze: Worse than Neknomination (2014)
    Beware of New Teen Craze Known as Cinnamon Challenge (2013)
    Is eyeball licking the new teen craze? (2013)
    New Teen Craze: Vodka Tampons (1999!)
    New teen craze: Sending nude photos via cell phone (2008) - ok this one might be real

    And let's not forget the Great Satanic Panic of the 1980s
    Damn kids!

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